Her First Heartbreak

February 13, 2020 – a day I won’t soon forget. This day was the first time my 3-year-old’s precious little heart was broken. Lillian, who we lovingly call ‘Lilly bug,’ couldn’t wait to show her friends her new shirt that was specially made for her (the day before!!) by her Lollie. Donning her bright pink shirt – with an adorable monogrammed ladybug covered in hearts on it – she ran to greet her best friend once we arrived at school. They hugged and sat down to share breakfast as they do most mornings. When they were finished, they ran to the gym to play with the other children. 

When they got to the gym, the teacher on duty commented to a little boy standing nearby about how cute the girls looked in their Valentine’s outfits. To which the little boy said “I like Charlotte’s outfit better. Her dress is prettier.” Of course, the teacher on duty tried to explain to the young boy, who is not quite 4, why a statement like that could be hurtful. Bless her, she really did try to help the situation. Lillian looked up to the teacher and asked if she could go find me that she wasn’t feeling well. Luckily, I was walking to the gym to remind Lillian to use the potty (she is in the midst of potty training) and the teacher explained what was going on. I picked up my sweet girl and asked her why she didn’t feel good and with tears in her eyes she said: “My feelings don’t feel good, Mommy.”

:: Que all the tears ::

At that moment all I could do was drop her off at the potty and promise to return with a treat. As I left the bathroom I burst into silent tears. My heart was breaking for her! I quickly collected myself and returned with her potty treat. I reminded her how much I loved her and told her that sometimes people will hurt our feelings. As horrible as it was to see my baby hurting, I’m forever grateful she knew she could come to me for comfort.

Even as adults, we look for comfort when our ‘feelings don’t feel good’.  I am blessed to have many people to turn to when this happens. I hope my girls have the same as they grow older, but that they never forget I’ll always be there for them.

Carrie is a Baton Rouge native. She is married to her favorite adventuring partner, Joseph, who she met in 2012. Together, they have two strong-willed and fun-loving daughters. She was a stay at home mom for 3 years before going to work part time as a preschool teacher’s assistant. Carrie has an associates in Environmental Science and is passionate about recycling and up-cycling. When she has the time, she enjoys reading mystery and thriller books, crafting, and playing games. She loves going on dates with her husband, especially when they are new adventures.


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