How to Graduate High School with More Degrees :: EBR CTEC Programs Let Students Earn College Credits & Advanced Credentials For Free

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How to Graduate High School with More Degrees :: EBR CTEC Programs Let Students Earn College Credits & Advanced Credentials For Free

Students, from left, Albert Davis, Tavoris Harris, Dorien Henry and Dashton Mackie view a monitor showing cyber attacks during Josh Arnold’s cyber security class at the East Baton Rouge Parish Career and Technology Education Center on Lobdell Blvd.

It’s never too early to start thinking about your child’s future, and with EBR Schools, continuing education doesn’t have to be a hassle. The EBR Career & Technical Education Center (CTEC) and its Early College Academy program prepares incoming and current high school students for a competitive workforce all while earning credit toward a college degree. But just how easy is it to graduate with two degrees in high school? Here’s everything you need to know about EBR’s CTEC:

The Early College Academy

At CTEC, high school students will be enrolled in this specialized STEM program, which offers the opportunity to receive a college degree through Baton Rouge Community College (BRCC), alongside their high school diploma upon graduation. Through project-based instruction, internships, and dual enrollment courses, your child will gain extensive knowledge of various industry growth fields, such as healthcare & IT, that are in demand, preparing him/her for high-paying employment.

Dual Enrollment Certifications

Your child can specialize in various STEM fields through CTEC, with opportunities to earn advanced credentials from BRCC and industry-based certifications in the computer sciences, construction crafts, manufacturing and medical fields at no cost. After graduating high school and the Early College Academy, students have hands-on experience, are trained to enter the workforce, and have the opportunity to increase his/her earning potential for jobs in Louisiana.

Earning an Extra Degree

Enrolling in the CTEC program in the ninth grade sets the stage for success upon graduation. Once your child is enrolled, the CTEC and BRCC directors will assist him/her with the application process and course progress to help him/her earn college credits, certifications, apprenticeships and more, with the potential of earning upwards of $50,000 just out of the program!

It’s Free of Cost

Continuing education can be expensive after high school, but enrolling in CTEC saves your family thousands of dollars in college tuition. These courses are offered at no extra cost to students, and transportation is provided by the district when necessary.

Who Can Apply?

Incoming ninth graders and rising 10th graders are encouraged to apply to get the most credits out of the EBR CTEC program. However, all students have the opportunity to earn college credit and credentials that will help them in their STEM careers. Admittance is based on a review of applications and course grades as well as an interview process. You can view a holistic list of application requirements and access the application portal here.

Ready to take your child’s future career to the next level? Learn more information about EBR CTEC and enroll today!


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