How to Help a Teen Make Friends

mother and teenage daughters laughing Everyone knows that having friends is important and that it makes us happier. It is kind of commonplace and it stands for every period of life. But there are stages when it is more important to make friends and belong to certain circles, and one of the first that comes to our mind is teenagehood. In this period, friendships are more important than ever, as they are giving young people the sensation of acceptance and belonging. Additionally, the ability to connect with peers encourages the development of empathy, compassion, etc., in adolescents. Besides, through these friendships, young people form an identity that is not, in any way, related to their families.

However, not all teens manage to make friends easily. Someone is super outgoing and charismatic, and it seems that making friends in high school is something that they are born to do. Others are awkward, insecure, and struggle with connecting with others. It is often the case that when their friendships break, they become even more withdrawn.  Indeed, this sometimes has something to do with personality and development, but it is also important to keep in mind that making friends is something that we learn.

These are pretty good news, aren’t they? And what is even better is that you can actually help your teenager make great friends.  Let’s check out some tips on how to help teens make friends.

Tips to Help Teens Make Friends

Talk with Them

father and son talking by fenceIf you notice that your teen spends more time alone than with others, ask them how they feel about it. Try to explain that they are not the only ones feeling this way and that probably other kids also feel insecure. It always helps if you share a story from your adolescence. That way, they can see that you understand what they are going through. Even sharing situations from your life now can be pretty useful.

Do Something Reflecting with Your Kid

Another great way to help them Make Friends is to invite them to reflect on themselves. Ask them things such as “What about you can attract other kids to become your friends?” Make sure that your kids know that these can be little but cool things – for example, she or he can be the best in the neighborhood at riding kids scooter! There are even better questions, such as “How do other kids know about your values?” These kinds of questions will not just help your kids attract good friends, but will also boost their self-confidence.

Remind Them That Not Everybody Becomes Best Friend

Kids who have a hard time making friends tend to get attached very quickly when someone gives them attention. When this happens, they immediately share everything, and they believe that there is a strong bond. However, they can get very disappointed when they realize that their BFF has other friends as well. You must make sure that your kids understand that there is a difference between those friends you chit chat with and those who really respect us and our values.

Help Your Kid Realize That Conflicts Are Part of Life

As adults, we know that conflicts among friends occur regardless of the quality of the relationship. But it doesn’t mean that our teens realize that! If they had a conflict with their best friend, they might feel like the world has come to an end. Your job is to explain to them that not every argument breaks the relationship. Teach them to be fair when they argue and to know when to take a break. Whether they had a conflict IRL or on social media, teach them to know when to say, “I think we are too upset to continue now. Let’s sleep on it and discuss it tomorrow! “

Final Word

As we mentioned, friendships during these periods are vital. Having someone you can count on, share good and bad moments with, share secrets, and have fun makes life much better. But, when you are an adolescent, it can be a challenge to make friends. That is why it is necessary as people who successfully went through this period we support our kids the best way we can! How was your teenage period? How was it to make new friends? Let us know in the comments! 

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