How to Transition into a New Year

2019 is finally coming to a close. For some of us, we are grateful it is over, and for others, we may be sad to see such a wonderful year-end. One thing we can all look forward to, is starting a new year with less baggage and worries. Let us clean out our closets, drop those drama-filled “friends” and wake up on January first with less burden filled hearts.

January has always felt like the calmest month to me. The craziness of the holidays is over and most of us are all too tired to do much of anything in January, so my suggestion is to use January as your transition month. Transform into the new year with less stuff, less drama and more happy moments filled with people that make you happy. I have created a list below of easy and a few hard things that may help make this transition easier for you.

1.) Clean out your closets (yes even the junk closet)

I know there are outfits from 2001 buried in there somewhere, or that china doll you got as a present in 1997. Trust me when I say that even something as simple as an organized closet will help bring you joy in the new year. So put on your favorite sweats, turn the gangster rap up, put your hair in a messy bun and get to it.

Helpful Tip: YES, you do have to first make a mess before it looks clean or somewhat organized. And if there is a sweater from 1988 that your grandma knitted that you will never wear but it makes you think of her (KEEP IT), this process is about taking out the clutter that stresses you out, not the things that bring you a smile or happy memory.

2.) Drop the negative Nancy in your life (her name may also be Karen, Courtney or Sarah, etc. as well)

I know she/he is in your phone somewhere, or maybe she is your third cousin on your mother’s side. That one human who makes you feel bad about yourself, your job, your kids or your life. DROP that human-like a hot potato, like snoop dog at a concert, like a stone in a creek (you get my point). Don’t allow someone to take away any of your happy, we have exactly 365 days in a year, we are approximately asleep for 121 days, so you only have about 244 days per year. So under no circumstances let someone ruin one of your days with their dramatic nonsense. Life is precious and our days on earth are short, so delete their phone number and cut your bad days in half.

Helpful Tip: This is a hard one I know, but when you cut out the people that cause you stress and drama, then I promise life will seem much lighter. This also means deleting them on Facebook, Instagram and snapchat 🙂

3.) Be 100% done with 2019

Whatever happened in 2019 is now over, you can not go back and change anything so look ahead with positivity and pride. I know we all have those if I could go back moments (I would change this, or not do that), but sometimes we need those moments to happen so we can learn from them. So pack up 2019 in a box and put a big bow on it and store it in that newly organized closet. We are all one year older and hopefully wiser, so we can move into 2020 with a clear heart and mind and see what this new year has in store for us.

4.) Start your Calendar for 2020

Let’s get our life organized! Home Goods, Target and Amazon have great yearly calendars. I suggest getting a full year calendar, smaller than a binder but bigger than an iPhone. Start by inputting all the important dates, Birthdays, Holidays, Vacations, Dance Recitals, etc. Then every month add in something you want to accomplish in 2020. Something that you want to do, but never seem to get around to. (Paint a picture, Go to the Zoo, Plant a flowerbed, Organize family photo’s, etc.) Hold yourself accountable for completing these tasks by the end of the month. They don’t all have to be boring things, always leave time for FUN!

5.) Be Happy, Be Healthy and have an Amazing New Year:

a.) Hug all the babies
b.) Call your Mom
c.) Drink that extra glass of wine 😉
d.) Don’t forget your annual exams – ladies
e.) Have a date night
f.) Watch a funny movie
g.) Laugh as often as possible

Happy NEW YEAR Everyone!


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