How your ABC’s can make Back-to-School a Breeze!

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How your ABC’s can make Back-to-School a Breeze!

Back-to-School TipsThe long days of summer are coming to an end, meaning it is time to start preparing your children (and yourselves) for a new school year. While this transition seems to sneak up on even the most well-planned families, The Baton Rouge Clinic is here to help!

Easing into “back-to-school” mode is as important for parents as it is for kids. Just as school work can seem overwhelming at times, so can the stress that comes with starting a new school year. But it does not have to be that way! Below are a few tips that will let you see that starting school is a breeze. It’s as easy as ABC!

Adjust yourself and your children to going back to school.

Be prepared for the first day by taking the necessary measures.

Create a fun approach to starting the new school year.

Adjust yourself and your children to going back to school.

  • Talk about school with your kid(s).
    It’s normal for people to be anxious about going back to school. Although you might feel some relief that you and your child will be getting back into a routine, recognize that it might not be easy at first for them – or for you. Your pediatrician can give you guidance on ways to best support your child and help them build resilience.

    • Ask your child open-ended, positive questions about how they are feeling about school.
    • Instead of “Are you nervous?” try “What are you most excited about?”
    • Remember parents set the tone in the household. Expressing extreme stress or fear can affect your children. Try to stay positive and relay consistent messages that a great school-year lies ahead.
  • Get back to a routine sleep schedule.
    • You can avoid some of the back-to-school stress by practicing your daily routine before the first day of school. Set an alarm, practice getting ready, and even practice getting to the bus stop or driving to school.Knowing what to expect and removing some of the unknown will help to make the back-to-school transition easier on you and your child.

Be prepared for the first day by taking the necessary measures.

  •  Is your child caught up on their immunizations?
    • Make sure your child is caught up on well-visits with their pediatrician and that they are up to date on recommended vaccines. Staying on schedule with your child’s immunizations is important in order to keep them protected from the diseases we can prevent. If your child is due for immunizations, contact your pediatrician’s office to get scheduled.
  • Go back-to-school shopping.
    • Make sure your child has everything they need for school days, such as clothing or uniforms, supplies, etc.

Create a fun approach to school.

      • Prepare fun treats for lunch. Many packaged snacks for kids are extremely unhealthy. They are often full of refined flour, added sugars, and artificial ingredients. Instead of highly processed snack foods, fill your child’s tummy with whole foods that will Check out our latest blog on these Dinosaur Fruit Skewers on how to make these sweet prehistoric treats!provide energy and nutrition. This will provide your child something to look forward to during lunch time while also being fun to enjoy. Check out our latest blog on these Dinosaur Fruit Skewers on how to make these sweet prehistoric treats!
      •  Celebrate the start of a new school year! Who says the first day of school has to be scary? By celebrating the first day of school, your kids will start off the school year on the right foot with a transition they will enjoy and love. Whether it be something as simple as a special breakfast on the first day, or going all out with a back-to-school party, this day is the stepping stone for the year to come—Make it a great year!

It may take some time to for your child to get comfortable with going back to school and that is okay. Continue to check in with your child and watch and listen for signs that they are struggling. And remember, your pediatrician is always here to help!

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