My New Favorite Alcohol Alternative: Crescent 9 THC Seltzer

Disclosure :: This post is sponsored by Crescent Canna

My New Favorite Alcohol Alternative: Crescent 9 THC Seltzer

Crescent 9 THC SeltzerAlcohol alternatives have been all the rage lately and I’m here for it! I am one who likes a drink after a hard day of work, at a weekend festivity, a Mardi Gras parade or just while cooking a good meal. I recently tried Crescent 9 THC Seltzers in Ginger Lemonade and Tropical and they now have their newest diehard customer! I loved the flavors and the beautiful packaging is an added bonus.

The Ginger Lemonade is a refreshing, bright, crisp and caffeine free. I am not normally a ginger flavored fan, but these have just a hint of the flavor. A perfect balance of both the ginger and lemonade. The amount of sweetness is just right! Ginger Lemonade also includes 5mg of Delta-9 and 4mg of THC.

The Tropical flavor is a twist on the idea of a fruit punch. If you’re looking for more of a flavorful profile and maybe a little more kick and effect, I think this is your go-to. The tropical does have higher dosages of Delta-9 and THC, 6mg and 3mg respectfully.

I have been a seltzer girlie for quite a while, but Crescent 9 THC Seltzer is now my top choice. The relaxing feeling the drinks give you without a hangover is absolutely wonderful. The restful sleep that comes along with drinking one (or more) in the evening… **chef’s kiss**

Baton Rouge has many destinations that carry Crescent 9 THC Seltzers including Rouses, Martin’s Wine Cellar, and Rad Dad Alternative. You can also purchase Crescent 9 Seltzer online at



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