I Already Have a Holiday Hangover

I already have a holiday hangover.

Every year it never fails: once the holidays are over, I am overcome with a sense of “holiday hangover.” It’s always so much going on in such a short period of time. Even if we travel for the holidays, I feel like I need a vacation afterward! However, it brings me (and our families) so much joy.

2020 – The Year of Indecision

With everything being up in the air this year, I am already feeling that “holiday hangover.” Just when we think we’ll be able to finalize plans or make a call as to what we will do…something else pops up like whack-a-mole and we’re back to square one.

I so badly want to be able to confirm plans with family and friends, have get-togethers to look forward to, celebrate with my loved ones, and enjoy the end of what has been a truly wild year. However, as soon as I get excited about seeing everyone I am suddenly overcome by fear, paranoia, and guilt surrounding the “what-if.”

What if people don’t respect social distancing norms? What if we get sick and don’t realize it? What if we have to wait an entire year to see our families? The list of questions is ENDLESS.

Control Freak Chronicles

As much of a control freak as I am, there is nothing I can do to prepare for the holidays this year. I have had to learn to adopt a more carefree attitude and learn to roll with the punches. We’ve decided to be pleasantly surprised if we can see our family and try to find the silver lining in starting our own traditions as a family of 3 and making the best of it.

What is your stance on holidays this year? Are you looking forward to get-togethers or making changes to your plans?



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