I Will Never Be “That Mom”

Do you remember all those times before you had kids that you would look at parents or other moms in public and think to yourself “I will never be that mom”!

The mom that allows her kid to have her cellphone at the restaurant, be the parents that let their kid run in front of them at the airport, or how about the mom who allows her kid to eat a doughnut from the bakery at the grocery store while still shopping? Ugh, those people! Ridiculous, am I right? How about those kids that throw the big public tantrums? Why would they let them act like that? I will never be that mom.

Jump ahead a few years…

Hi there. That was me, and I’m now one of those moms. One of the moms I said I would never be. I’m here to swallow my past judgments and tell you, I’ve done them all. All the things I said I would never do. I have more moments I’m not proud of than I would like to admit. I’m sure we all do. You have to trust me when I say, it’s so easy to judge when it’s not you. It’s so easy to be an outsider passing by, judging away at people doing something that you know nothing about. Judgment that you will soon learn will be passed on to you in the years to come. You’ll grow some tough skin though I promise you that. You’ll learn to spot the eye rolls & mean looks and just laugh them off in good spirit. Because guess what, RAISING KIDS IS HARD! Plus, I’ll throw you in some good advice, everyone is doing the best they can.

There will be days that you just don’t have the energy to fight your kid at the restaurant anymore. You’ll be the parent that hands them your phone. This gives you the chance to finish your meal before the waiter comes back again to clear the table. You’re going to be the parent that lets your little boy run laps around the airport. This gives you the ability to burn out as much energy from him as you can before you both get on that 4-hour plane ride. Oh, and by the way, you see the little kid eating the doughnut you’re so bothered by? You’ll be the mother that gives it to him. This allows you as his mom to shop without getting things pulled from the grocery aisles as you hurry to finish shopping before nap time.

Being a parent will be the most humbling experience you’ll ever go through.

It’s the greatest, but also the hardest. There will be times you will be out in public living in pure survival mode, hoping bedtime comes quickly. You’ll find yourself looking forward to the weekend when it’s only Monday because you’re so pumped to get the chance at taking a nap. But my goodness, you have so graciously earned that nap. You’ll have good days and bad days. But there, in simple moments each day, you’ll feel pure magic. Magic that only your child brings. Enough so that you’ll lay down in bed and turn to your spouse and say, “Let’s have another!”

Charlee Conner
Charlee moved to Baton Rouge from the mountains of Park City, Utah just 5 years ago. She has been married to her husband Jeff for 11 years and is a stay at home mom to their little boy Rockwell, age 6. Between carpool, sports, trips to the park; you can find her trying to get in a good workout, shopping at Trader Joe’s, or helping out in the community as a member of the Junior League of Baton Rouge. Charlee is a lover of beauty & fashion, travel, hosting guests, cooking, and having a good laugh with friends. After struggling to conceive and rounds of IVF, she continues to contribute to the awareness of infertility. Her family loves catching movies together, grabbing dinner at local spots, or packing up and heading on a getaway any chance they get.


  1. Fantastic!!! I’m so glad that you are a part of Redstickmom..you article’s are wonderful. I know that you will be the best at this.?

  2. Wow this article could not be more true! Parenting is hard! Thanks for the reassurance that everyone is doing their best so stop judging!

    • So happy you related to the article. It would definitely be a better world if everyone could stop the judgements 🙂


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