In a Birthday Party Rut? | Why Crawfish Swim School is Our New Go-To

Disclosure :: This post is sponsored by Crawfish Swim School.

In a Birthday Party Rut? | Why Crawfish Swim School is Our New Go-To

Have you gotten to the point of no return when it comes to planning birthday parties? And when I say no return, I’m talking the “OMG I’m planning ANOTHER birthday party and we are NOT RETURNING to my house for this thing” point of no return.

I’m right here with ya sis!

I’m a mom of four boys. Four. That means I’ve managed to host approximated 5,762 parties over the course of my 14+ years of motherhood. I mean, not really 5,000 plus BUT your pickin’ up what I’m throwin’ down, right? Let’s just say there’s been lots of cake + balloons + ice cream over the years 😉

If your any where close to being in the same boat as I am, or even next to me in the boat of “I have a child, therefore I host birthday parties” (which is practically the same exact boat because, #weareallinthistogether) you’ve likely found yourself wondering where or what in the world you could do differently to spice things up a bit.

This is where Crawfish Swim School comes in. We recently hosted our son’s birthday party here and for more reasons than one, it’s literally THE BEST route we have taken in a while! I’m really excited to share why with y’all!

I personally feel like I’ve done it all. We have hosted in our home, at family members’ homes, at bouncy places, at the park, we have rented things to bring the bouncy fun to us…we have made our rounds over the course of the years. But there is ONE thing that factors in every.single.time.

Louisiana weather.

We happen to have two winter birthdays and two summer birthdays. January, February and two July! Now January and February, they are hit or miss. One year, our January party was a nice, balmy 80 degrees and last year…it snowed.  July? Well we can all agree that heat indexes of 100 degrees are “so fun”, right?! Not!

When planning Kade’s January party last month I told myself that I was not having it at home and I wanted it to be a fun twist to a seemingly gloomy month with limited options. “A winter swim party?!?!? Yasssss!” That’s when we decided on a swim party at Crawfish Swim School. And it was the best decision yet! This is where my next reason comes in.

A fun spin on parties, year round. 

Not only was a swim party in the winter super fun but y’all, the thought of escaping the miserable heat of summer parties is pretty dang convincing to me. The building is kept at a perfect temp to accommodate little swimmers AND no risk of sunburns for anyone!

Aside from a party at Crawfish Swim School being a pretty perfect fit for any family, they truly bring the experience to an amazing level.

  • The flexibility and ease of booking was awesome! The online process and ability to customize made booking and securing all the specifics seamless.
  • We had the entire facility to ourselves, it was a completely private party and with our wild bunch of boys, this was just what we needed!
  • The staff was amazing and SO accommodating. Our attendant pretty much covered the extra set of hands my husband says he’ll provide at home when we host (hopefully he doesn’t read too much into this ?)
  • Life guards on duty that conducted swim tests to each guest was so awesome. While expected, it was still so nice to see that level of professionalism!
  • And back to our party attendants 🙂 They added the sweetest touches to make Kade’s day perfect. From a custom birthday message to balloons for each guest and even making sure he and his bestie got top notch treatment, they were just so awesome!

Crawfish Swim school is hands down worth adding to your list of party spots in Baton Rouge. Offering two locations to host, it’s a great option weather you live in Baton Rouge or just outside of it. Head on over to view availably/book your party at the Baton Rouge location HERE and for their Prairieville location, you can do that HERE!


Cassie is a hustle-from-home mom to four boys, Blaison, Kade, Kellan and Matty. She worked as a payroll administrator for nine years up until the arrival of their third son, Kellan. After realizing the costs of daycare for three little ones, and the sudden growth in her business, Cassie Treuil Photography, she left her job to focus on building her business and raising her four boys. In between shuffling kids to carpool and football practice, she can be found planning events for RSMB and editing the sweetest little faces of BR. On the weekends, catch her between the football field and Highland Road Park cheering on her Catholic High Bear. She loves her family, an occasional juice cleanse, weekends on the water and her tiny town of Port Allen.


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