Infertility to Adoption

My husband and I suffered with infertility for over 4 years. It was a time consumed with numerous doctor visits, injections, blood work, and procedures. It was a time full of worry and anxiety. It was a time of hope and then disappointment. It was a time in which every possible emotion came to be. It was a time in which we felt so alone. It was a time in which our faith was challenged, and a time in which we stopped living. Our entire existence became defined by this one thing.

Then the time came to let go of our dream of becoming pregnant. We had to accept that this season of infertility would not end. We stopped the infertility treatments and had to decide what the next step would be. For my husband, it came easily. He was ready to adopt. For me, it took a bit more time. I had to grieve. I had to make sure that the decision to adopt would not be a “fallback option” for me. Several months went by before I was ready to join my husband on our greatest journey of all…to have a baby not born of our bodies, but of our hearts. I had realized that we didn’t want to be pregnant; we just wanted to be parents.


Our adoption process went smoothly and quickly. We were officially approved in August 2012. Noah was born October 29, 2012, and our adoption was finalized November 7, 2012. Having Noah join our family taught me several lessons. It taught me to never let go of hope because hope does not disappoint. It taught me to keep cultivating gratitude. Counting my blessings kept me going through so many disappointments. It taught me that enduring hardships defines your character. Most of all, It taught me that adoption is not a second choice. Adoption is simply allowing the child God created for you to take residence inside of your heart.


Kristi was raised in Chalmette, LA and remained in Baton Rouge after college. She and her husband have a 1-year old son, Noah. She works as a Pediatric Occupational Therapist at Woman’s Hospital and for the Early Steps system. She and her husband love to travel, experience new adventures and are having a blast raising their son in Tiger Country. She is very involved with Gladney Center for Adoption.


  1. It was a hard time for all but we are all blessed to have this beautiful child in our lives…GOD HAD A PLAN AND WE SHOULD NEVER LOSE FAITH….


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