Is My Child Safe at School?

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Is My Child Safe at School?

Is My Child Safe at School

Entrusting your child’s safety to the hands of others exposes perhaps our greatest vulnerability. More than ever, parents today want to know that their child will be safe at
school, safe from the dangers and violence reported on school campuses every day. So how can you be sure your child is safe? What do safe campuses do to protect children?

Physical safety

School violence like bullying, drug abuse, assault, and even school shootings are always on our mind as parents. Safe school campuses are secure during the school day, and all visitors identified and verified. Carefully monitored before- and after-school care and activities and classrooms with low student-to-teacher ratios provide comprehensive support and safety. Students, faculty, and staff are safer with effective and appropriate emergency response procedures in place, to fortify and safeguard the entire school community. Empowering the school community through effective and consistent education, training, awareness, and communication keeps everyone safer.

As more and more schools open for in-person instruction, you want to know that your school is doing everything possible to keep students and staff healthy. Staggered and modified class schedules limit interaction and travel among on-campus students in different classes and grades, social distancing and masking where appropriate reduces the spread of germs, and readily available hand-sanitation stations are a must. Of course, families who choose to wait out the unpredictable pandemic climate from home will benefit most from flexible, yet rigorous and interactive, options in distance learning. Of course, campus safety goes well-beyond eliminating danger and containing the spread of germs and illness.

Emotional safety

Emotional safety is crucial to students’ success in school, but bullying and threats seem to happen everywhere. Bullying should not be tolerated at any school and can be addressed up front, early and proactively. Veteran teacher and Head of School at BASIS Phoenix Primary Audrey Hagopian explains how BASIS Charter Schools support healthy student relationships and build character. ―Every campus has a student-support team led by the Director of Student Affairs (DSA) with Deans of Students (Deans) supporting them. Our DSAs and Deans support students with all of the skills that make a successful scholar. [They] teach whole-group lessons on social-emotional values, such as kindness, anti-bullying, empathy, and respect, as well as lessons on academic skills, such as note-taking, test-taking, study skills, and organizational skills,‖ Hagopian shares. ―Students may be referred to work one-on-one with a member of the student-support team. These individual student-support sessions will target specific skills to help the student achieve success at BASIS Charter Schools. Our DSAs and Deans also lead other campus-wide initiatives like Wellness Week, Kindness Day, community service projects, and more!‖

Intellectual Safety

Intellectual safety fosters confidence and breeds learning. When students are encouraged to ask questions, offer opinions, and share experiences, they recognize their own value. Diverse student populations can fuel the intellectual climate and expand the conversations infinitely. Students who learn early on to think critically and creatively, while relating to peers and respecting their ideas, quickly realize the value of collaboration.

BASIS Charter Schools’ unique Connections course, central to its primary curriculum, provides an opportunity for students in grades 1–3 to demonstrate ingenuity, teamwork, and mental agility. Students use a hands-on approach to create solutions to scenario- based problems that require them to use knowledge and skills learned in their other classes. Drawing connections helps students establish intellectual links across subject disciplines and together gain deeper understanding of the topics they’re learning. The Connections course is designed to increase interpersonal skills, build critical thinking skills, and allow students to showcase their creative minds. These skills—and the resulting self-confidence—empower students throughout school and beyond.

Choosing a school for your child can be one of the most difficult decisions a parent makes. The role and atmosphere of your child’s school will open the doors to both opportunities and challenges for them. Your child deserves a safe and secure education, and you deserve peace of mind knowing that they are gaining opportunities, overcoming challenges, and thriving.

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Rebecca Scarpino is the mother of four children, three girls and a boy. She graduated from Baylor University with a BA in English, and has spent most of her career in education. A Midwest native, she currently lives in Scottsdale, Arizona, with her husband, two youngest daughters (both BASIS Charter School students), two dogs, six chickens, and a duck.


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