It’s Almost Fall!! Yay!!

It’s Almost Fall!! Yay!!It’s Almost Fall!! Yay!!

As it cools down into the mid 90s, you can tell Fall is on it’s way. There’s so much going on. Fall is one of my favorite seasons and not just because of the earth’s tilt. There’s so much fun to be had with the family. I’m so excited!!

First, there’s football.

It’s everywhere!! I love watching football at the stadium. I love the experience. Football snacks are so delicious. Cheering (positively) is so much fun and the energy is contagious. It’s fun to watch my dad watch the game. The boys are excellent screamers. The absolute best. 


Second, outdoor activities are back.

It’s Almost Fall!! Yay!!

We can go for long walks and have our nightly talks earlier than normal. I love these. I get to learn so much more about those I love. We get to see the leaves changing colors. Then there’s basketball at the house. So much fun playing to 3 points with Jack and Jacob without any cheating. Also, scooter riding is back!! I’m sure my neighbors will see a lot more of us now. 

It’s Almost Fall!! Yay!!

Third, the fall decorations are amazing!!!

Dare I say, it’s time to get the leaf decorations, plain pumpkins, and gratitude sayings. It’s time to change the air freshener to pumpkin (or apple) spice. I can’t wait to make new decorations with the boys. Jack said we need more of his art and I can’t wait to see his creations. Last year, I decorated with spiders and the boys did not like those but I loved how they worked together to take each one out. I tried snakes the year before and it went the same way. I think there was some difficulty determining whether the snakes were real or not. The boys love happy decorations. The hulk and pumpkins are a favorite. 

Fourth, Uggs. 

Need I say more?

I love Fall! 


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