Melanie McHenry-Leblanc


It’s Almost Fall!! Yay!!

It’s Almost Fall!! Yay!! As it cools down into the mid 90s, you can tell Fall is on it’s way. There’s so much going on. Fall is one of my favorite seasons and not just...

Navigating My New World {As A Working Mom}

Navigating My New World Right now, as I write this, I’m taking a break from grading papers. I’m so proud of all of my students’ hard work. It’s an unending pile of the masterpieces my students...

When Superheroes Get A Career :: My Transition from SAHM to Working Mom

New Beginnings After being at home for years, I’m officially back at work. The transition from SAHM to Working Mom isn’t the smoothest. I have mixed emotions. I wish I could firmly say I have...

Getting Ready For School Orientation

Getting Ready For School Orientation Preparing Myself for about Back to School Orientation: We’re getting closer and closer to Back to School orientation and I have butterflies. It’s like the last few weeks of summer are...

Enjoying The Fourth Of July

Enjoying The Fourth Of July The days are long and warm. The kids are full of energy. Everyone is wearing red, white, and blue. Delicious smells are coming from grills. The sunsets are magical and...