Melanie McHenry-Leblanc


Nah, I’m Not Doing That

Nah, I’m not doing that and I’m okay with that. Sometimes I wonder if other people realize I’m human. It’s like I became a parent and (almost) everyone decided that I was superhuman. I am...

Pandora Party Time!!

I love humiliating myself to Pandora’s music. Pandora has some of the best music channels. Pandora is usually playing through one of our cars or in the house from the phone app. Music really sets...

Best YouTube Workouts

Exercising is so important to me. I feel happier and calmer after I exercise. But so is avoiding this heat. Normally, I would walk around my neighborhood or a park. It’s a great way...

For Our Little Botanists

For our Little Botanists There is something simply magical about growing your own plants. My two little botanists love seeing their plants rise out of the soil. Right now, we’re growing mint, strawberries, and greens. (We...

Supporting Your Children’s School

So you want to be more involved with your child’s school? That’s great!! I’m sure the faculty and staff would appreciate it. It’s so important to be involved with the schools that educate and shape...

It’s Grandparent’s Day!!

It’s Grandparents Day!! What a wonderful day to celebrate. Without grandparents, I would not be the woman, the wife, mother, friend, and human I am today. Let me tell you about my grandparents. Both sets of...

On the Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina :: New Orleans Will Always Be Home

New Orleans was and will forever be my home. No matter where in the world I may be living, New Orleans will be my home. Some of my closest friends live there. The first house...

Don’t Feel Like Driving? Here Are Some Fun Things to Do at Home

Feeling like having a lazy day, but you want to appear proactive?  Have you ever had a day where you wanted to have fun with the children but didn’t want to drive anywhere or leave...

School Lunch Prep :: When a Basic Lunch Will Do

Packing a Lunch for your Selective Eater My oldest son is a selective eater; he also has food allergies. It’s important he eats a lunch that he will find delicious enough to eat and will...