Why Join a RSMB Neighborhood Group?

Why join a Red Stick Moms Blog Neighborhood group?

I wondered this myself when we first moved to Baton Rouge.  

About a year and a half ago, my family moved to Baton Rouge. I was trying to meet people and get settled in when one of my friends from out of town asked if I had joined a neighborhood moms group yet. I started looking for one, and right away I found the RSMB neighborhood group on social media. I had already been reading the Red Stick Moms Blog articles online, but it hadn’t occurred to me to join a neighborhood group as well. They were having a get together that month, so I nervously ventured out to give it a try. 

The first time I came to a get together, I discovered a group of moms with a variety of backgrounds and perspectives who are so much fun. Some of the moms had lived in the Baton Rouge area for a long time, but many had just moved to our neighborhood in the last few years. Being a newcomer myself, it was so refreshing to meet other moms who had the same questions and experiences that I did as a parent here. 

Sometimes we have a moms night out, sometimes we go to a workout class, and other times it’s a playdate get together with our kids. We plan our activities based on what sounds fun or interesting that month. We go to a big variety of places too, so we have adventures exploring new Baton Rouge restaurants and activities. Close friendships have developed out of this group, but I wouldn’t call it a clique. There is always room for more people to join us for outings, and the circle stays open to welcome new moms who want to come out for a moms night or collectively chase our kids at the playground. 

What I have found is immeasurable. The moms all live relatively close by, and we keep each other updated on anything new coming to the area, or new fun events coming up. We are able to tell each other about new sports activities or classes that our kids could try or just share our perspectives on parenting in our town. Some of us are full time working moms, others work part-time, and others are stay-at-home moms. We all accept each other exactly as we are, with no judgment for our styles of motherhood. It is a community of moms with a lot of the same questions as we try to raise babies, toddlers, preschoolers, and school-aged children.

I laugh so hard at some of these moms nights that then I go home so much more refreshed and reenergized to my kids. Most of all, it is the sense that we are in this together. Whether we’ve had a long day of watching little ones at home or working at an office, we can get together and just relax, eat scrumptious food, share stories and laugh with each other. 

Stephanie grew up with her family in Kirkwood, Missouri. She earned a degree in Elementary and Early Childhood Education from Furman University in Greenville, South Carolina, and then a Montessori degree in Atlanta, Georgia.  She also lived in Oklahoma for several years, and now calls Baton Rouge home. She taught PreK and Elementary school part time, full time, and had some stay-at home mom time when her babies were little. She teaches PreK four at Episcopal School of Baton Rouge, and she loves being a teacher mom. In her free time, she enjoys going to Barre class, cooking, traveling, singing, girls' nights, trips to the beach, and spending time with friends and family. She and her husband have two adventurous, adorable boys, ages seven and thirteen, who keep life exciting and hilarious. 


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