Join Studyville for A Back to School Open House!

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Join Studyville for A Back to School Open House!

Start this year off on the right foot by taking advantage of Baton Rouge’s Studyville, a teen-only academic workspace with on-demand tutoring unlike anything else in town. Join us for our Open House on Sunday, August 22nd from 2 pm – 5 pm for specials that are only Join Studyville for A Back to School Open House!
happening that day, including specials on membership, private tutoring, and ACT Prep.

This past year was hard on teens, and this next school year could be even worse for the COVID learning gap. Last fall, teachers had mercy on students who were online for 3 months and did not finish instruction for significant last chapters in Geometry. This year, it will be even harder for teachers to close the gap. Pre-calculus teachers will expect their eleventh graders to know ninth-grade Geometry and will not be planning on intensive review. “What did you do all summer?” will be their response.

Studyville has tutors to help in all middle and high school subjects, including the most advanced math you can take. One-on-one instruction is often needed as a complement to classroom lectures. Many students need that little extra attention gained in private tutoring sessions, be it remedial or advanced work.

Studies have shown that teenagers suffered immensely from mental health issues during the pandemic. Social distancing, as it turns out, is not good for the naturally social teen.  Their friends are their habitat. Being reduced to 6 feet away, in masks, online was not healthy for these social creatures. Last year we saw teens thrive socially at Studyville.  While we always meant for Studyville to be a positive student atmosphere where they could work with friends, we didn’t understand how deeply teens need interaction with each other.  Students from Baton Rouge High befriended others from UHigh and met up frequently to work together. Students who had been alone throughout the pandemic found friends at different schools and grew to depend on our fun tutors for daily interaction.  Studyville is truly a co-working space just for teens, giving them an atmosphere in which they can thrive and have positive influences on their academic work.

Studyville was created to take the homework fight out of the home and make life easier for parents. For that reason, we have no cancellation fees.  We get it.  You may pick up your teen from school and she had a bad day and there is nothing you can say or do that will make that tutoring session effective. As long as you call us before the session starts, you won’t be charged for that session. Studyville also has upfront pricing. We don’t have to interview you in order to tell you what ACT® Prep will cost.  It is what it is, and it is on our website for all to see. Parents have lives; searching around for pricing on the internet is not at the top of anyone’s to-do list.

We hope you will join us on August 22nd for our Open House from 2 – 5 pm in Perkins Rowe.  This is going to be a great year, we just know it.

Do you have questions about Studyville? Feel free to contact us anytime! 

Amanda Vincent, Owner of Studyville

Frustrated by fighting the homework fight every night, Amanda and her husband Benn Amanda Vincent, Owner of Studyvilledecided to take matters into their own hands by starting Studyville®, a refuge where teens could get  the professional help they need in an atmosphere created just for them. Now instead of being task masters constantly asking, “Did you turn that in?” “Why did you get a zero?” “What do you mean that’s not how you do math anymore?” “How am I supposed to know anything about chemistry? I passed that 25 years ago” and “Why is your textbook online and how do I find it?” They can simply now ask “Do you want to go to Studyville?” and someone else who knows chemistry can handle it. As a mom, Amanda is committed to creating an atmosphere that rescues parents from the homework fight, and vigilantly hires and screens tutors who can help get the job done so your family can have dinner in peace tonight. Amanda is an avid reader and loves suggesting books for parents and teens.  Follow her on Goodreads at


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