Just Buy the School Supplies

I can’t believe I am already buying school supplies. Summer always seems to go by too quickly when looking back. Don’t get me wrong. There were days when it seemed extra long. You know, three kids at home who love to ‘entertain’ each other (insert eye roll). So let’s talk back to school.

Prepping for back to school.

There is so much involved when it comes to prepping for back to school. We are running around purchasing new uniforms, school shoes, and all those items on the school supply list that was received in the mail mid-July. I even find myself grabbing my planner and start thinking about meal planning. The school year always feels extra busy with not only the school activities and homework, but also all those extra-curricular activities that crank back up in the fall.

Maybe all the prepping is because I am a type A, but nonetheless. We all need to prep at some point to be ready for when school is in session.

Just buy the school supplies.

For the love, parents. Just buy the school supplies on the list without all the complaining. I can’t tell you how much it irks me to read or hear about another parent complaining about all the school supplies they have to purchase for their children.

Why do they need a container of clorox wipes?

I was a high school science teacher before having my 2nd child. I know what all the school year entails, particularly when it comes to those school supplies. I promise you, every item on that supply list is most needed. It wouldn’t be there if it wasn’t.

School SuppliesDid you know that the teacher has to buy all the extra items for the classroom? You heard me right. There were times when I was purchasing my own Expo Markers for my dry erase board, along with extra pencils that some of my students would have somehow forgotten to bring with them.


My classroom was even decorated with items I purchased with my own money as well as items for science experiments that I knew my kids would love. Teachers are not gifted with this amazing account where they can charge whatever expenses they may have for their classroom. It actually comes out of a personal account that sometimes barely makes it to the end of the month, which is a topic for an entirely other day.

An occupation that gives and gives.

As you all look over that school supply list while walking down the aisles of Target, remind yourself that you are doing this for your child. You are purchasing these items to better your child’s experience in the classroom because we all know that flu season will be here in full force before we know it. You will also be giving the teacher that extra push to bring all that he/she has for your child.

School Supplies

A teacher is not only the caretaker during the next several months, but is also a friend, educator, and one that will be helping shape your child for the years to come. I can’t tell you how much I cared for each and every one of my students, wanting the best for them. Teaching is an occupation that gives and gives. So do them a favor, give this year without the complaints.

Clair is a former science teacher turned stay at home mommy to 3 kids, Ryleigh (6), Brady (5) and Chloe (1). She is originally from Mississippi and moved to Louisiana after meeting her husband at Mississippi College. She can’t imagine living anywhere else now. The culture here in Louisiana is the best: from the great food to cheering on the LSU Tigers. Her background in science has her loving to incorporate all things science while at home with her kids. This has led her to the world of blogging! Her blog, The Sprouting Minds, includes all things ‘mommy’ as well as those engaging kid activities. She hopes she can spread the love of science to other families as well as encourage mothers along the way.


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