Laughter is the Best Medicine

Laughter is the Best Medicine

My daughter just made a year and still doesn’t sleep through the night. Every few nights, it gets particularly rough and we pull an all-nighter. I also have a VERY headstrong little boy. Even with a loving husband and only working part-time, things get hectic over here. Laundry overflows, the kids’ bathroom toilet has a mysterious leak, and we are always late to church but we make it there. My point is that while Facebook and Instagram make things seem picture-perfect, life with little ones is chaotic and overwhelming. When I feel like my head is spinning from it all, I love to remind myself of all the hilarious things they do. Kids really do and say the darndest things.

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Picture this scene. Lights are out. Sound machine is on. I’m laying next to my little boy in his bed until he falls asleep. I’m getting drowsy and starting to drift off in the quiet when he turns to me and says “hey Mom, want to know my favorite part of the Lego Batman movie?” I couldn’t help but laugh at how important it was that he recap his favorite scene for me right then. At 8:03 pm.

Outfit choices! My son informed me he was ready to go to his grandparents’ house the other day, dressed to impress in his spiderman undies, his favorite spiderman t-shirt with a hole in it, Santa socks, light-up reindeer antlers, and holding a Halloween bucket full of hot wheels.

Will growl for food. The growling. My daughter is the perfect mix of spunky and sweet. She is very cuddly and affectionate but her sassy side recently came out. If we move her or don’t allow her to do something, like take the baby-proof light socket cover off, for example, she growls at us with furrowed brows. If we are eating french fries, we better share quickly and in a hurry or face the wrath of a growling baby.

“Coach pants” my son and his buddies decided they didn’t feel like participating in soccer in the little program that goes to their school weekly, so instead they started chanting “coach pants” instead of the coach’s name. Naughty but funny.

Raspberries! My little girl is a premie and from the start, she has been difficult to take a bottle. She refused certain brands of bottles then she refused a number of formulas. Now, of course, she would rather have food. If she isn’t in the mood for a bottle, she pushes it away with a smack and blows a raspberry at us. My favorite is when she blows a raspberry with a mouth full of baby food, ha!

No! Why is it that “no” is every kid’s favorite word once they learn it? I told my baby, who says Da Da all day long that all I wanted for Christmas was for her to say Mama. She looked at me and said “no.”

Is that a deal? My son takes after his lawyer momma with negotiating. If we say it’s bedtime, he says “how about one more episode of Bluey, then a book, then we go night night. That’s a deal. Is that a deal?” It cracks me up that he doesn’t wait for me to answer that we have a deal.

My kids make me laugh on a daily basis and recalling the funny things they do and say helps me get through the exhaustion and to-do lists. When you’re having one of those days where everything seems to be harder than it needs to and you can’t seem to tackle a task on your to-do list, think of the last thing your kids did that made you chuckle. I promise it will put all the chaos into perspective and remind you that even though parenthood is the hardest job, it’s the most rewarding.
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