Let’s Get Ready For Kindergarten: EBR Schools’ Pre-K Programs Set the Stage for Success

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Let’s Get Ready For Kindergarten: EBR Schools’ Pre-K Programs Set the Stage for Success

Let’s Get Ready For Kindergarten: EBR Schools’ Pre-K Programs Set the Stage for SuccessPreschool, Pre-K, early childhood education — whatever you may call it, it’s impacts are undeniable. It’s never too early for your child’s education to begin at EBR Schools. Since Pre-K is optional, we know Kindergarten is the first educational milestone many families look forward to, but studies show that children thrive in school when enrolled in high-quality early childhood education programs. From encouraging fundamental growth and success in the future to sparking creativity, discover how a jump start in education can offer unlimited benefits for your child:

      • Builds a Strong Learning Foundation
        It’s vital that parents and educators build a strong learning foundation for children during their developmental years. Pre-K programs offer the opportunity to read and be active together, engage in conversations, and encourage critical thinking at early ages.
      • Develops Social and Emotional Skills
        In their Pre-K schooling, children begin to establish lifelong skills that play significant roles in academic achievement, such as following directions, learning to share, and showing empathy and self-regulating emotions.
      • Offers Opportunity for Physical Development

        Pre-K programs expose children to different types of play that develop essential skills to prepare them for more enriching learning. From exposure to creative processes and outdoor experiences to developing motor skills like holding pencils, Pre-K environments boost children’s physical capabilities.

Pre-K programs are essential to developing every aspect of your child for a lifetime. In the EBR Schools Pre-K program, we believe in setting the tone for your child’s educational career by inspiring young learners in the classroom at an early age. With top-rated dedicated Pre-K centers and programs in elementary schools throughout Baton Rouge, EBR Schools offer:

  • Highly-qualified early childhood educators equipped with proper training and on-going support to enhance student-teacher interactions and increase student achievement
  • Full-day Pre-K programs that develop both social and academic skills through engaging experiences and meaningful learning opportunities
  • Comprehensive Tier 1 curriculum which includes social-emotional development, early literacy, and math skills and is designed to encourage children to explore and connect with their environment
  • Family and community partnerships to enhance early learning and support families in creating a learning environment beyond the classroom.

Ready to enroll your child in an early childhood program? Don’t miss EBR Schools’ application for the 2021-22 school year! Sign up for our application interest form here, or join us during our Virtual Extravaganza to learn more about EBR Schools’ Pre-K programs.


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