Let’s Talk About Something


Every night as I tuck my oldest son into his bed, he looks up at me with the same question, “Can we talk about something?” Some nights it’s easy to say yes, but in full disclosure, some nights I just want to make a beeline to the couch. However most nights, I say yes, hop in his bed, and cuddle up next to him and we rehash our day or talk about something fun on the horizon.

Here is where he tells me all the things he and his friends did at school that day or if something funny happened or even if someone was mean to him. It’s an inside view into his little 4-year-old world, and I have come to cherish it.

Some nights, I get a little emotional after a long day because no matter how exhausted I am or how “done” I am, this time always shifts my perspective. His eyes light up and his arms wrap around my neck as he asks me, “So what did you do today?” Heart. Melted.

I realize that I am not guaranteed this time with him even tomorrow and our nights together are numbered, but in the meantime, I hope he never stops suggesting, “Let’s talk about something.”

Yes, let’s.

Let’s talk about how proud I am of you and how much fun you are to be around.

Let’s talk about how you are growing into a big, stinky boy faster than I ever imagined possible.

Let’s talk about how rewarding it is so see those newborn baby prayers for you manifest into the sweet soul you are becoming.

Let’s talk about how you are asking me tougher and tougher questions. “No, nobody lives on the sun.” (They would die)  “No, I don’t think Jesus lives in Ursula’s heart.” (Cause she’s not real and kind of terrible. But who am I to judge, right??)

Let’s talk about how I am so lucky to have you as my son.

Let’s talk about your awesome dance moves.

Let’s talk about how I will always want to talk to you and what you have to say is important.

Let’s talk about how you have the best sense of humor and make me laugh every day.

Let’s talk about how loved and cherished you are by so many people around you.

Let’s talk about how one day our bed-time talks will end, but hopefully our conversations about day-to-day nonsense never will.

Actually, let’s not talk about that last one—not yet.

Jenny lives with her husband, Joel, and their sons, Judah and Jonas, in Zachary, a suburb north of Baton Rouge. She works part-time as an editor and her favorite part of the week is when she gets to exchange her pencil skirt for yoga pants and pretend to be a SAHM for a few days. When she’s not toting her sons around town or saving her toddler's life one head dive off the couch at a time, she is designing invitations, stationery, and logos for local moms, brides, and professionals. Jenny’s been married since 2007, and she and Joel welcomed Judah into their lives in April 2012 and Jonas in March 2015. She loves to squeeze in as many date nights as possible and spends her free time chronicling her family’s adventures and recent designs on her personal blog, the Gilberts.


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