Little PNuts Review and Giveaway


With Little Pnuts we hope to get children back into imagination, creativity, and play. We want children to get up off the couch, step from behind a computer, turn off the television, and find accomplishment in playtime.

What is Little PNuts?

Little Pnuts is a unique subscription toy company that sends special deliveries of eco-friendly, sustainable, natural & organic toys, to arrive on your doorstep! You choose the age range of your child, give a little information about his/her gender and birthdate, choose a subscription service, and then enjoy for years to come! (We also love that this company is based right in New Orleans!)

You will receive 4 quarterly special deliveries each containing 3-5 toys.  The toys that your child receives in each shipment are designed around each developmental phase, so you can feel confident that your child is playing with a toy that is not only fun but will help him grow and learn.

 The Box

The box I received was aimed at toddlers age 2.5.  The box came with four different items:

1. You Are My Baby- Ocean book: What a precious book about mommy and baby animals.  The book is great for learning page turning and matching up mommy and baby animals.


2. Ice Cream Shop sand/water toys: These toys are great for any sand box or water table play.  They focus on motor skills involved in scooping and pouring.


3. Bingo Animal Kids wooden tile game: This is a simple but very interactive matching game.  It is a great game to play with siblings or friends and helps children with their memory and animal recognition skills.


4. Four Seasons Magnetic Book: This was my favorite addition to the box.  It allows a child to create imaginative scenes using magnetic pieces.  This is definitely a toy that will grow with your child for years!


The box also included an informational pamphlet that described each toy and the milestones that were focused on for this special delivery.


We LOVED the toys included in the box.  Each item was high-quality with a total value of $62! The best part about these toys is that they are open-ended and provide hours of play on their own.  I was definitely impressed with Little Pnuts.  You can learn more about who they are and the subscription services they offer over on their website.  What a neat shower, birthday, or holiday gift for a little one in your life…a gift that keeps on giving all year long!

Now, here’s YOUR chance to WIN your own Little Pnuts Special Delivery! Little Pnuts is giving one lucky winner a September, Back-to-School Special Delivery Box!  Please complete the Rafflecopter below to be eligible to win! (Note: The winner will be able to choose their desired age range.)

Congratulations, Kristina!




Angela is a stay-at-home, homeschooling mom to 4 children. She and her husband, Josh, were born and raised in Louisiana and love raising their kids around family and friends. They love exploring the outdoors, traveling, and playing sports. Angela loves to encourage other homeschooling moms and loves to advocate for getting kids off screens and outside.


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