Magnet Mania for EBR is Coming Soon! (Application Period for Fall 2018 Starts October 30!)

It’s important to know when an opportunity for something great is available and as a good friend to you, I want to make sure you know about it! If you’re interested in the Magnet School Program in East Baton Rouge Parish for your child that will be school age in the fall of 2018, there’s a wealth of information, tours and open houses coming your way to help you make the decision about what’s right for your child.

It’s Magnet Showcase Week!

AND Magnet Mania is the place to learn about ALL of the magnet options available to you. You can chat with students and teachers or parents – whoever is chosen to represent the school for the event. It is October 28th from 10-2.

My oldest is in second grade at one of the Magnet schools in EBRP and we LOVE it. We went through this application process three years ago, and we’ll be going through it along side you this year as we’ll apply for my youngest to go to KINDERGARTEN next year, too. My husband and I are products of the Magnet Program, having both graduated from Baton Rouge Magnet High School. It was an experience we still treasure and hope for the same for our children.

So, what is a Magnet School?

It’s a public (tuition-free) school that offers a specialized curriculum.

“…Magnet Schools offer a wide variety of different programs in addition to their accelerated academic reputation. At the elementary level, visual and performing arts, Montessori, and Foreign language Immersion programs are offered. Middle school programs include visual and performing arts, pre-engineering and a Foreign Language Immersion track. At the high school level, various special programs such as medical, visual and performing arts as well as Centers of Excellence programs focus on health sciences, business and governmental affairs as well as engineering.”

Here’s a list of the Magnet schools in EBRP, broken down by elementary, middle and high schools. Lee High was a new addition in the fall of 2016, focusing on Bioscience, Digital and Media Arts, and Engineering and Robotics.

The application period runs from October 30, 2017 – December 4, 2017.

As long as you’re in before the deadline, all applications are equal. They’re not served on a first-come first-served basis. The Magnet Showcase week starts this week (but schools will give you a tour almost any time during the application period with an appointment)!

So, if you’d like to visit a school outside of the Magnet Showcase period, you can call to make an appointment. Contact information for the Magnet Programs: E-mail [email protected] or call 225.922.5443/5472.

The application itself is online and the application process is broken down here. First, you have to choose the program (or school) that interests you. Next, you’ll review the school’s entrance requirements. Each school may be different. Complete the online application for that program/school and submit it within three days of beginning the application.

And here are the FAQs, just for you!

Remember, each parent acts on information they come by from experience or research and will come to the decision that is best for their family regarding school for their children. The choice, whether it be public school, charter school, private school or home school is personal. I do hope this information helps, and that it meets you where you need it.

For more info, you can check the report card for the school(s) you’re interested in. Good luck out there folks!

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