Making Strides at Magnet Virtual Showcase Week

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Making Strides at Magnet Virtual Showcase Week

With more than 28 competitive magnet programs in the East Baton Rouge Parish School Making Strides at Magnet Virtual Showcase WeekSystem, students throughout the district have the opportunity to experience outstanding academic programs and attend Blue Ribbon schools across the parish. From the future artists and concert performers to the next Supreme Court justices and doctors, your child can reach his or her full potential at EBR Magnet Schools.

With a focus on personalized learning styles and extracurriculars, EBR Magnet Schools create a cutting-edge environment that sets students up for success. Learn more about how our innovative Magnet programs cultivate your child’s dreams and find a school that best suits their needs at EBRPSS’s annual Magnet Showcase Week—and this year, we’re going virtual!

What is Magnet Virtual Showcase Week?

In lieu of our annual Magnet Mania and in-school showcases, EBR Schools is hosting a week-long virtual showcase to introduce you to Magnet programs across the district. This year, from September 28 to October 2, you can learn more about each Magnet school to help you make an informed decision for your children’s education through events like:

  • Live Q&A sessions on social media
  • Drive-thru meetings at schools
  • Virtual Tours
  • Pre-recorded forums from parents, students, and educators.

Download a full schedule of elementary and secondary school events during Magnet Virtual
Showcase Week, or follow EBR Magnet on Facebook to stay up to date.

How can I apply to an EBR Magnet program?

The EBR Magnet Programs’ online application gives you the opportunity to apply for the 2021-2022 school year during the application period from Oct. 5 to Dec. 2. Eligibility
requirements vary by school, but you can learn more about every Magnet program and their application processes during Magnet Virtual Showcase Week.

Learn more about EBR Magnet Programs and the Virtual Magnet Showcase at


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