A Mom’s Back to School Poem

‘Twas the first week of summer
And the kids slept in.
We ate long breakfasts 
As we lounged in the den.

The refrigerator was stocked with healthy foods,
And everyone was in the greatest of moods.
My children’s little faces were all aglow
As we talked all about the places we’d go.
We will go to the park and to the splash pad too,
The museum, the library, even the zoo!
Screen time was limited every day,
Exciting arts and crafts were underway.

Over the weeks, we buzzed around town
Like busy bees sunup to sundown.
Carefree were we with our sun-kissed skin,
The days too short to fit it all in.

But as summer went on it got hotter and hotter.
We were only outside if in some kind of water.
The heat made my children red like cherries,
And their temperament grew quite contrary.

There was whining and tattling and not sharing toys,
And once-organized rooms were completely destroyed.
If the most-said phrase could win an award,
It would certainly be, “Mommy, I’m bored!”
I was starting to run out of fuel.
How many days were there until school?


‘Twas the last week of summer 
In the middle of the day.
We were still in pajamas
I am embarrassed to say.

The kids ate Skittles and Rice Krispie treats,
They were now surviving mostly on sweets.
We had given up on making any plans,
And electronics were in every hand.

Toys were scattered everywhere.
Strangely, I didn’t even care.
School supplies had all been bought.
There’s no fight that had not been fought.

I tucked my kids in on the night before school
After a long day at the neighborhood pool.
They were restlessly lying in their beds,

Visions of the playground danced in their heads.
Their backpacks were hung by the door with care
In hopes that the school day soon would be there.
I closed my eyes and fell fast asleep.
Later I awoke to the alarm clock’s beep.

The kids got dressed and ate in a flash,
Then out the door we all made a dash.
When what to my wondering eyes should appear,
But a big school bus, I shouted, “it’s here!”

My hero on wheels was all dressed in yellow.
The driver greeted us with a warm “hello!”       
Coffee in hand I waved goodbye
And let out an exhausted sigh.

In the quiet wreckage of my home,
Now that I was sitting all alone, 
Is when I saw my daughter’s art,
It said, “this was my favorite part!”

The picture showed us on the couch in pajamas 
In a sea of clothes they were snuggled on Mama,
Eating junk food while we watched cartoons,
We didn’t care that it was already noon.

My heart swelled and tears filled my eyes
Because this was a big surprise,
That even on the long, boring days 
Sweet summer memories were still made.

About Rachel Chustz

Rachel was born and raised in Alexandria and moved to Baton Rouge to go to college at LSU. Rachel graduated in Elementary Education and shortly after met her now-husband, Michael. She went back to school to get her Master’s in Curriculum and Instruction and was an school teacher for several years.   When Rachel and Michael had their first child, Rachel decided to be a stay-at-home mother.  They now have three children: Tripp (7), Charlotte (5), and Joseph (1). If Rachel isn’t at an extracurricular activity with her children, she enjoys volunteering in the community, reading, barre class, and traveling with her family. 



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