Mom’s Ultimate Christmas Wish List :: Beauty Edition

Hey Mamas — Cassie here! Today I’m SUPER excited to share with you a list of some of my favorite beauty splurges. Like seriously beyond excited.

We can pretty much all admit that as moms, we don’t need a stocking full of trinkets or tons of Christmas gifts under the tree to make our holiday special. That racetrack that he wants every time you’re in the store or that Barbie doll she keeps seeing on TV under the tree is gift enough, #amiright? But let’s also admit that we actually do love getting spoiled here and there?!


I’m not sure about you, but I love LOVE me some good beauty products. From luscious bath products to some of my favorite makeup splurges, I’m putting it all out there in a handy little list with its very own share button, if you’re pickin’ up what I’m throwin’ down.

Now for the fun stuff! Starting off with one of my favorites (and numero uno on my own wishlist)…

1. Lush 12 Days of Christmas  – Bath bombs. They make the world go ’round. Guys, do yourselves a favor: grab this nifty little box of goodness for the mama in your life, fix her a glass of wine, and let her bathe alone. She will love you forever, real life testimony right here.



2. GlamGlow Gift Sexy SuperMud – This. stuff. y’all. I cannot confess my love for GlamGlow products enough. Made with incredible ingredients with just as incredible results, GlamGlow blows me away every time I use a treatment. If you want to give yourself the ultimate spa day at home, apply one of these babies, get a sitter, slip in to a Lush filled bath and drift away to a tropical island with a drink in your hand. Or just save it until after the kids are in bed … a girl can dream, right?  


img_00073. GlamGlow Magic Box of Sexy – Ok this guys, is a super splurge … SUPER. It contains six GlamGlow face treatments, four lip treatments and an applicator brush. Coming in at a value of $473, it’s a steal priced at $269. Not only will you be set for the next year but you get bonus points for being frugal-ish.




4. Sephora Favorites Give Me Some Bold Lip – In my opinion, every girl needs a good bold lip every once in a while! Perfect for date night or to compliment that fab new moto jacket, this kit’s spectrum of bold shades is SO. MUCH. FUN.img_0009


5. Silah Oval Brush Set – I don’t know about you, but I have been eyeing these oval makeup brushes for a year now. Something about a fun new way to apply makeup and the fact that they seem to make application down right flawless has a set of these at the top of my own list this year!



6. Naked Ultimate Basics Eyeshadow Palette – This palette, neutral and perfect for day to day life as a mom is high up on my own list this year. A collection of Urban Decay’s most requested simple shades all in one set and without all the shimmer. Because who needs shimmer when you’re covered in spit-up? #seriouslythough




So that’s it!  My fun little list of beauty faves is complete (for now), and I’m so excited to have shared it with y’all!  

Now, take full advantage of this! Share it. Email it. Print this sucker out, circle your HAVE-to-haves with a big ol’ fat Sharpie and stick it on the fridge … or fold it up and put it in his wallet! Whatever you want, let them know. Sidenote: the reminder in the wallet trick: crazy effective.

What are YOUR favorite splurge items, beauty or otherwise?

Cassie is a hustle-from-home mom to four boys, Blaison, Kade, Kellan and Matty. She worked as a payroll administrator for nine years up until the arrival of their third son, Kellan. After realizing the costs of daycare for three little ones, and the sudden growth in her business, Cassie Treuil Photography, she left her job to focus on building her business and raising her four boys. In between shuffling kids to carpool and football practice, she can be found planning events for RSMB and editing the sweetest little faces of BR. On the weekends, catch her between the football field and Highland Road Park cheering on her Catholic High Bear. She loves her family, an occasional juice cleanse, weekends on the water and her tiny town of Port Allen.


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