Montiel Activewear :: Don’t Cheat Yourself, Treat Yourself

Disclosure :: This post was sponsored by Montiel but all opinions are my own.

Montiel Activewear :: Don’t Cheat Yourself, Treat Yourself

Guys, I need to let you in on this new found love I have for Montiel Activewear. I owe it to y’all!

For YEARS I’ve cheated myself. Buying affordable activewear to make it through my workouts because, “Oh hey, a sale! I can grab the kids some clothes with the money I’m saving!” I had no clue, honestly. I just thought leggings were leggings, and tanks were tanks. They pill, they fade, they get itchy … it’s normal, right?

Mamas, when and if you ever see it’s time to treat yo’ self … do it with Montiel! You can see why below!

Lets Start With the The Lea Legging

Have you ever been in class/at bootcamp/on the elliptical and constantly having to tug up your leggings because they keep slipping down? Or what about right in the middle of happy baby at hot yoga to realize, “wait, these show SWEAT?!?!” Have you ever worn a pair that fit just right before class but were a size too big after class? Girls, the struggle is over. The Lea Legging is ANSWERED. PRAYERS. I have never owned a pair of leggings that did all the amazing things that active moms want them to do. Their high waist hits at just the right spot. They breathe, they move, they smooth … they don’t sag, they don’t stray, and just like us southerners need them to do, they do well in humidity. They make you feel like the strong independent woman you are; these things are game changers. 

On to Montiel’s Teardrop Bra

This Montiel bra is what you NEED. I have spent many a workout in your typical sports bra. Squished, compressed, NOT feminine. It’s by far the softest sports bra (I honestly don’t even like calling it that) I have ever put on my body. And dang it, it’s sexy. This velvety little thing, with its feminine double straps in the back will have you wanting to rock one every day of the week!

Lastly, the Ballet Wrap That Had Me at Hello.

Loose, versatile and softer than a puppy’s ear, this wrap is a genuine delight. I threw this wrap on with just the teardrop bra on a warmer day to run errands and then again the next week over a tank before barre, then layered a coat on top in 30 degree weather! It is truly a four season piece. I may or may not have another in my cart at this exact moment because I just can’t keep this one off long enough to wash!

With all the technicals out of the way, let’s get to the good stuff. Let’s talk about why you really want this in your closet. Montiel’s activewear is more than just high end activewear in a market full of high end activewear. It’s made BY women FOR women. It’s got years and years and years under its belt researching and resourcing how to make the BEST activewear for us. And it shows. 

You will slip these pieces on and feel comfortable and confident. You will be able to go from the gym to run errands to carpool and back in these pieces and never miss a beat. Montiel is inclusive to more sizes than most and comes in enough colors to suit any season or day.

If you’d like to treat yourself to any Montiel Clothing options use code  “LOUISIANAMOM” for 20% off your total purchase. 

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