My Favorite Podcasts … Parenting and Otherwise

I’m a huge fan of podcasts. I listen to them in the car, when I’m grocery shopping alone, when I’m doing mindless tasks, when I’m out walking in my neighborhood …

I have a degree in journalism, and in the mid-2000s podcasts were just being talked about as a new form of media. Back then, no one knew what a podcast was. Then several years ago, Serial emerged and was a huge hit, and I got hooked like everyone else. Since then, the podcast scene has exploded, and I love getting recommendations for new ones to try. I listen to a wide variety of podcasts that cover a range of topics, and here are some of my favorites:

Mom and Dad are Fighting

Hosted by three writers/editors of the online magazine, Slate, this show often provides hilarious and irreverent insights about parenting, but also examines serious topics as well, such as vaccines, divorce, and abuse. Each episode starts out with each host sharing a “triumph or fail” from their parenting lives. They do use some strong language, which doesn’t bother me at all, but it’s something listeners might want to be prepared for — don’t listen to this one with your kids!

Literary Disco

I’m a big bibliophile and I discovered this podcast last year. If you’re around my age (32) you probably watched Boy Meets World and remember Rider Strong, who is one of the three hosts. He and two of his friends from college have laid-back, rambling conversations about books they’ve read lately. They have also done a couple of episodes on their favorite children’s books!

Cafeteria Christian

This is a new podcast from Nora McInerny, a writer and podcaster I very much enjoy. (She also hosts another podcast called Terrible, Thanks for Asking, which is worth checking out for sure.) She and her friend, Lutheran Pastor Natalia Terfa, discuss different religious topics under the premise that in Christianity, you should take what you want and leave the rest, meaning: you should look critically at religion and know that you don’t have to subscribe to every belief, especially ones that have been used to oppress others. It’s funny but full of thoughtful discussion.

My Favorite Murder

Another one you shouldn’t listen to with the kids around! If you’re into true crime, this is one to check out. Two women discuss a different true crime story every week, with plenty of spicy language thrown in. While they are definitely fiesta, funny women, I also find them extremely sympathetic toward the victims of these crimes and tell their stories with a great deal of respect.

What should I read next?

Book aficionados will love this one. Host Anne Bogel acts as a literary matchmaker every week when she chats with a guest about what books they like and which ones they don’t care for, and then recommends new books for them to try. I’ve gotten tons of book recommendations from this podcast!

Modern Love

Modern Love is a column in the New York Times that publishes — you guessed it — love stories. This podcast features different celebrities reading these columns aloud, followed by brief interviews with the writers and editors of the columns. These are always moving, sometimes happy, sometimes sad.

I hope you check some of these out and make your drive, walk, or chores a little more entertaining! Happy Listening!

Emma is mommy to one-year-old William and wife to Bill. She was born and bred in Baton Rouge, attending Episcopal High School, the Manship School of Mass Communication at LSU and the LSU Law Center. Married since 2010, she is loving her new life as a mother. She is an attorney but has limited her practice for now so she can stay home with William full-time, and she feels so fortunate to be able to do that. She is learning as she goes, rejoicing in every milestone and happy moment as well as working her way through the challenges that come with parenting. When she gets a chance, she loves reading, writing, and watching movies. She and Bill are both lucky enough to have their families close by and love spending time with them. She looks forward to seeing her little boy grow and eventually expanding her family. Motherhood has been the most fulfilling role of her life.


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