My Top 5 Most Used Apps

Besides the obvious apps like Instagram or Facebook, I have compiled a list of my top 5 most used and loved apps. From saving money on travel, taking your photos up a notch, to an app giving you pages of free workouts; this list is sure to give you something new to add to your phone’s collection.



Since downloading this app years ago, I don’t think I have booked an airline ticket without checking here first. This app gives you a simple graph of the price trend for each airline ticket. Allowing you to know the best time, date, and airline to travel with.

Skiplagged is different from other travel sites because it also gives you the option to “Fly Skiplagged.” This means you would be buying a ticket with the hidden city or layover city being YOUR final destination. You wouldn’t be allowed to check a bag, as you would be getting to your destination in the layover city and not following the rest of the airline’s travel. This can save you some serious $$$ if you’re up for it.

If you’re unsure of flying “skiplagged,” still check out the app when booking plane tickets. The app searches prices for all airlines including the economy like Spirit & Southwest. Be sure to create a login, as you get cash credit with each flight you book. Bonus, the app is entirely free!



A friend led me on to this app after I asked who or what she was using to edit her pictures.  Colorstory is a user-friendly photography app that edits any of the pictures you take on your phone. A Colorstory has dozens of presets that you’re allowed to alter to get the look you want, plus layer the presets together.

  I don’t think there is anything you CAN’T alter within this app when it comes to sharpening, smoothing, or changing the light of a photograph. It’s an easy way to get all those photos you love so much to look bright & airy without any fuss.






LOVE. THIS. APP! It’s filled with workouts ranging from beginner, to advanced AND gives you a time breakdown of each workout. Only have 15mins, select a 15-minute workout for any area of your body. This app is different from others because it gives you an animated video of the workout for the entire duration, leading to no confusion on what comes next. All the workouts require no equipment, making it easy to workout anytime anywhere. This app is free & will easily become a favorite.




I’m sure each of you has heard about the cashback apps and sites, but this one is SO EASY! I promise you’ll get addicted! Simply create a login (no info needed other than email) and take a picture of your receipts. However much you’ve spent at the grocery store, dollar store, Costco, etc. doesn’t matter in this app. Each receipt earns points. Points convert into mobile gift cards that are redeemable to hundreds of stores. Since using this app I’ve converted my points to almost $100 worth of free gift cards. Might I add, it doesn’t hurt to have an app that saves all your physical and online receipts in one place. Use referral code F3UPT for a free 2,000 points. That’s some free money right there!


This app can turn you into your own little graphic designer, even with no design skills. Typorama allows you to add text to your photographs or create your own graphic design images. Use your own images for the background or pick from the defaults and turn your words into an amazing design layout. Hundreds of variations of layouts and script choices to choose from. I have used this app to write on my pictures, create my Instagram highlight bubbles, & create fun graphics I have turned into valentines & stickers for my son. I’m telling you you’ll get so much use out of this simple app.

Which apps do you love using? Share below so we can all check them out.

Charlee Conner
Charlee moved to Baton Rouge from the mountains of Park City, Utah just 5 years ago. She has been married to her husband Jeff for 11 years and is a stay at home mom to their little boy Rockwell, age 6. Between carpool, sports, trips to the park; you can find her trying to get in a good workout, shopping at Trader Joe’s, or helping out in the community as a member of the Junior League of Baton Rouge. Charlee is a lover of beauty & fashion, travel, hosting guests, cooking, and having a good laugh with friends. After struggling to conceive and rounds of IVF, she continues to contribute to the awareness of infertility. Her family loves catching movies together, grabbing dinner at local spots, or packing up and heading on a getaway any chance they get.


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