A New Baton Rouge School Allows Students To Be Agents of Their Own Learning

Disclosure: This post is sponsored however we are super excited to share that a NEW high quality educational option is coming to Baton Rouge. Currently, Great Hearts in Arizona is the highest performing charter school in the state. We can’t wait to share more about this new option coming to Baton Rouge in 2023! 

A New Baton Rouge School Allows Students To Be Agents of Their Own Learning

A New Baton Rouge School Allows Students to be Agents of Their Own LearningWhy is Great Hearts coming to Baton Rouge?

Great Hearts currently exists in Dallas Fort Worth and Phoenix. The school is now coming to Baton Rouge! Why Baton Rouge you may ask? Quite simply, the school system looks forward to being a part of a city that has a high concentration of people that are excited about quality education.

What makes Great Hearts different?

Great Hearts is one of a handful of charter providers that made their niche “classical” education. The distinction of this type of education is the Socratic Method. This method was named after Socrates, the great philosopher, who surrounded himself with young influential energetic students and would ask them questions to lead them to generate conclusions and realizations.

What does learning look like at Great Hearts?

  • Students are the primary agents of their learning.
  • Students are engaged in guided but open conversations about the subject matter.
  • There are two teachers for every 30 children. There is a lead teacher and apprentice teacher in each class.
  • Clubs will be available for all grades in 2023 (gardening, swing dancing, etc). There will also be sports available for 6th and 7th grade to start (flag football, volleyball, cross country, baseball, softball, track and more). ***Though these plans are tentative depending on the local interest.

What should my family know right now about Great Hearts?

  • Great Hearts Harveston will be opening up to grades K-7 in August of 2023 near Bluebonnet and Burbank in Baton Rouge.
  • Enrollment opens January 16th.

Interested in learning more? Join us at 6:30pm at the East Baton Rouge Parish Library on January 10th to learn more about Great Hearts Harveston, opening up to grades K-7 in August of 2023.


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