A NEW Educational Option in Baton Rouge: The Link School

Disclosure :: This post is sponsored by The Link School.

A NEW Educational Option in Baton Rouge: The Link School

A NEW Educational Option in Baton Rouge: The Link SchoolImagine drop-off to a school campus with a large garden, a chicken coop, a playground,
and outdoor learning areas. Find out more about how we are prepared to provide an immersive learning experience while accounting for the individual needs of our students. Our engaging classrooms and school schedule are designed for no more than 18 students per class, and our tier 1 curriculum pushes students to reason and develop complex thoughts.

Our founders are committed to making a difference in the lives of students and families
in our community. Sarah Schnauder, Head of School, and founder of Kid-Possible
Camps has successfully modeled this environment with hundreds of campers since the
summer of 2015. Her ability to give students a fun way to learn complex concepts and
experience things they may otherwise not have the chance to see is where The Link
School concept was born.

Teran Trauernicht, the Principal, has been in education for over 25 years providing and
witnessing the impact of hands-on learning for every child. Teran began her career and
Houston serving elementary and middle school children and for the last nine years
served as the Director of Jefferson United Methodist Preschool. Together they have a
shared vision to invest in our teachers so in turn; they can make joyful learning

Here is what you need to know about The Link School:

  • We believe in fostering a place where every adult in the building believes students
    are capable of academically rigorous work.
  • We inspire and develop strong character by equipping our students to adapt to
    real-world experiences.
  • We believe in Conscious Discipline and providing a safe and supportive
    environment that produces resilient students.
  • We believe in developing strong partnerships with families to support the whole
    child and family. Parents are invited to come together each month for events
    that include family team building, socializing, or learning.

The Link School is hosting an Open House on March 14, 2023. We invite you to learn more about Baton Rouge’s newest and first of its kind private school. Open House runs from 8:00 AM until 6:00 PM with tours starting at the top of each hour. We want to meet students and families with a desire to link learning with the community. Learn more and register HERE


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