Our Favorite Things: Christmas Traditions

traditionsOur team is back again this month with a collection of our favorite things.  For December, we wanted to share a little more about ourselves and our families and describe one of our favorite traditions.  As you know, Red Stick Moms Blog is all about connecting during the holidays and what better way than starting or continuing a tradition with your family. 

RSmoms-51“I love doing Elf on the Shelf. I know some people think it’s a lot of work, but the look on my kids’ faces in the morning is so magical. I don’t go over the top but just a little something each morning. Also, my husband and I write letters to each other. We try to open them after the kids open their presents on Christmas morning.” – Allison

RSmoms-57“Several years ago, my husband, his family, and I were driving around looking at Christmas lights after church on Christmas Eve, when we realized we were starving and had no plan for supper. We drove around looking for restaurants that were open, and all we could find were a few Mexican restaurants. This became a tradition: Christmas Eve Mexican food! Since the kids came along, we now have my family and Kenny’s family over on Christmas Eve for dinner, but we still make nachos and quesadillas!” – Megan

RSmoms-53“Spending Christmas morning at my grandma’s house with all of my aunts, uncles, and cousins if our favorite tradition. We all eat breakfast and then gather around the tree to open presents. It’s so nice to get everyone together at once before dispersing to various other relatives’ and in-laws’ houses.” – Charlotte

RSmoms-41“We started making hand and footprint ornaments for Etta Mae’s first Christmas last year. I can’t wait to see how different they will look this year.” – Ashley S.

RSmoms-55“Mine is simple. It’s just going to church! We go every week but something about Christmas mass always gets me. The beautiful decorated church, the joyful music, nice clothes. For that hour I am 100% focused on the reason for the season. Best of all, my whole family is there.”          – Lisa

RSmoms-44“Cutting down our own Christmas tree locally is something we make sure to do as a family every year. Although, it’s tempting to grab a pre-cut tree at Home Depot now that the nearest tree farm has closed down, we refuse to let the tradition and experience die for our kids. It’s a farther drive for us now; but hey, more time for Christmas music and getting in the spirit, right?!” – Beth

RSmoms-59“We like to find a way to teach our kids about giving during the holidays.  We let them pick out a toy to donate, make gifts for their grandparents and cousins, and help bring cookies to the neighbors. We incorporate it into our 25 days of Advent activities as we countdown to Christmas.” – Angela

RSmoms-43“My favorite tradition is one that started when Joel as I first got married, and we haven’t broken it in 6 years. Every Christmas Eve night, we make it a point to be home, drink hot chocolate, put on our PJs, and watch The Christmas Story. As a couple, it’s important for us to take that time and spend it together before all chaos breaks out the next day. And I’m sure when Judah gets older, he’ll get to grab a mug and join us. Maybe.” – Jenny

RSmoms-47“We always go to a big lunch with my dad’s side of the family on Christmas Eve. It’s often the only time a year that some of us see each other, and it’s been a tradition that we’ve kept up since my dad and his siblings were kids. We have coffee cake Christmas morning at my parents’ house, then do stockings and then take turns opening gifts so everyone can see what everyone got.” – Emma

RSmoms-49“We all put on our pajamas, get our travel mugs of hot chocolate, grab the Christmas mix cd, pile in the car and look at Christmas lights! Bonus if they all fall asleep before we get back home!” – Krista

RSmoms-39“I have too many to pick just one! We make ornaments each year with the kids, open and then wear Christmas pjs on Christmas Eve, and we also do an Advent calendar. (This year will be much more interactive with my two year old.) I also read the kiddie version of Jesus’s birth from The Jesus Storybook Bible.” – Melissa



“We make an Advent chain of 25 activities to do with the kids each year. We incorporate serving in our community, as well as spending time together as a family. It’s what the kids look forward to most each day…no elf needed.” – Ashley B.

What is YOUR favorite tradition during the holiday season!

Angela is a stay-at-home, homeschooling mom to 4 children. She and her husband, Josh, were born and raised in Louisiana and love raising their kids around family and friends. They love exploring the outdoors, traveling, and playing sports. Angela loves to encourage other homeschooling moms and loves to advocate for getting kids off screens and outside.


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