Play Date Personalities :: When Your Children Have Their Friends Over.

School is getting back into session and everyone is settling into their new routines. Children are returning to the classroom, reuniting with old friends, and meeting new ones. Having friends over after school or on the weekends is inevitable. Of course, one of the reasons I love having friends over to play is that (for the most part) it keeps my kids from fighting and gives me some free time. Kids will be kids, but sometimes, even the most well-behaved, delightful ones can turn into something different when they come over to play. Keep reading for some comical (but true) descriptions of the types of children I’ve encountered at my house.

Hungry, Hungry Hippos

These kids want all the snacks. They stroll into the kitchen pantry and start rummaging around for food and drinks as if their own parents never feed them. You might see the refrigerator door open and find them on their tippy-toes eating blueberries and cheese. You most definitely cannot leave that last piece of cake out on the counter when you have a hungry, hungry hippo on your hands. My son is a hungry, hungry hippo. He can hear a candy wrapper opening from three rooms over.


You thought you were going to get some laundry done or sit down to read your Kindle? Well, you can think again if you have a tag-along over to play. These children are like Peter Pan’s shadow, just being nosey and following you from room to room.

Earplugs Needed

These kids have no inside voice. They are always on max volume with no mute button. You will find yourself constantly reminding them that everyone is in the same room and there is no need to shout. Once you have had an earplugs-needed kid over to play, the next get together will be outside with lots of open space.

protective ear phones


These kids will flip over a basket of toys and then quickly move on to the next one. Storage containers of arts and crafts will quickly be all of the floor, but of course, they don’t want to do arts and crafts anymore! They also need to find that one toy that is behind all of the others, requiring all toys to be pulled out and tossed aside. Sadly, I can admit that my youngest is a flipper.


Places, places, everyone! The show is about to begin. Performers love to put on a show and will want you to watch them do their latest made-up dance or the cartwheel they have been working on. Over and over and over again. This can sometimes turn other children into performers, which can quickly become competitive.

little girl playing the flute

Boss Babies

It is no longer your house because Boss Baby is in charge! I’ve tried to teach my children that when you have a guest over, you should let them choose what to do. Unfortunately, boss babies know this and can take full advantage of the situation. It’s their way or the highway. My ten-year-old daughter falls into this category for sure!


Bust out the dress-up box, props, and wigs! Creatives can have awesome, vivid imaginations. They go all-in when playing – if they are pretending to be an alligator, you might actually get chomped. Creatives don’t need much guidance to spend hours coming up with their own ideas for fun.

two little girls playing with a stuffed dinosaur

All jokes aside, I love watching all of the personalities somehow mesh in the end. As parents, it is extremely important that we allow our children to meet other kids and make friends. Friendship plays a huge role in helping to foster social skills and develop self-confidence.

Are there any other personality types that you have encountered?

Elizabeth Boudreaux
Elizabeth and her husband Nicholas have been married for 13 years. They live in Geismar with their 3 children, Addison (9), Parker (5), and Laurel (2). She is from Franklin, LA and moved to Baton Rouge after receiving her Master’s in Business Administration from Southeastern Louisiana University. She is a Budget Administrator for the Department of Public Safety. She relies on sarcasm, a dry sense of humor, and the occasional cocktail to deal with the daily demands of motherhood. She loves crawfish, clean sheets, vacuuming, and the latest crime documentary on Netflix.


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