Podcasts that Will Rock Your World

I used to think podcasts were only for true crime fans. I listened to the Serial podcast about Adnan Syed years ago and haven’t listened to a podcast since then. My hubby started listening to motivational podcasts on his commute to work and sent me one he thought I would enjoy. I loved the message so much that I started a search for more podcasts that would really speak to me and teach me things to help me grow and improve as a wife, mom, and Christian woman. Here are my recommendations for podcasts that will rock your world, in a good way and particular episodes that are truly amazing.

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 1. Don’t Mom Alone  

This podcast is hosted by Heather MacFadyen and interviews different speakers and discusses topics and resources to remind moms that we are not in this alone. That it’s normal to feel overwhelmed, sad, panicked, joyous, grateful, and exhausted in the journey of motherhood. My two favorite episodes are Gospel Parenting with Paul David Tripp episode 176 and Habits of a Healthy Marriage with Paul David Tripp episode 234. I got so much out of these episodes that my cup truly felt full after listening.

2. The Ed Mylett Show

Motivation, inspiration, and guidance to become the best version of yourself through interviews with professionals that are tremendously successful in all different industries and with many different passions. This podcast is amazing and will make you feel motivated to conquer the world. The episode my hubby sent me that got me listening to podcasts in the first place is the episode No BS guide to self-confidence with Lisa Bilyeu, the stay-at-home mom turned billionaire founder of Quest Nutrition. I also loved Blueprint for Better Relationships with John Kim.

3. The Angry Therapist with John Kim             

John Kim is awesome. He became a therapist at 35 after a divorce and gives self help and motivation in short snippets or “in a shot glass” as he calls it. A great episode is Being Happy with What You Have and another is Parenting Outside the Lines.

4. The Happiness Lab with Dr Laurie Santos

Dr. Santos is a psychology professor at Yale and her podcast is all about the science of happiness. Her research has found that many of us do the opposite of what will truly make our lives better. Her podcast mixes research with inspiring stories to change how the listener views happiness. I loved Nerding Out! The Happiness of Being a Fan and Moving to Your Happy Place.

I used to put on Netflix while unloading the dishwasher or folding clothes. Now, I put on a podcast when doing these chores or even sometimes while driving and I always feel better when they’re over. I learned something, I laughed, or became inspired. Podcasts are for more than true crime junkies, and I am a fan.
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