Post-Partum Must Haves

Preparing for a new baby is a wonderful time whether you are a first-time mom or are anticipating the arrival of a sibling for your little one. I remember researching what items I should register for and all the new baby “must-haves.” I read what to expect books for expecting and the first year as well as sleep training and new sibling books. I was all prepared for taking care of my little ones, but I was not as prepared for taking care of myself.

The “fourth trimester” and post-partum recovery are not often discussed. It isn’t a fun topic like baby bassinets or names. It’s gross, scary, and uncomfortable. But it is just as important to be equally as tender and loving to yourself after this major medical experience as it is your new baby. I have the unique perspective of having one baby naturally and one baby via cesarean section. After having both types of recovery, I compiled a list of must-have items that ease the recovery process to share with my friends.

Here are my post-partum must-haves to ease the recovery for new moms for both types of delivery.

Post partum mother body breastfeed Millennial mother with visible postpartum body marks in bed with baby postpartum body stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

Always Discreet Disposable Underwear

Epson Salts for Sitz Baths

Dermoplast Numbing Spray

Frida Mom Instant Ice Maxi Pads

Frida Mom Peri Bottle

Abdominal Binder/Support Brace

Kindred Bravely Postpartum Underwear

Colace Stool Softener


Silicone Scar Sheets

Boppy Nursing Pillow

Kindred Braveley Nursing Bra

Blue Gatorade – shown to help milk production


Comfy Button up pajamas – I love the stars above brand at Target

I hope this list is helpful and that these items help your postpartum recovery be a little more comfortable. Rest, hydrate, and soak in the newborn snuggles, momma!

An illustration of a woman postpartum holding her sleeping newborn A beautiful minimalist illustration of a postpartum woman holding her sleeping newborn, she wears postpartum underwear postpartum body stock illustrations


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