The Purge: Getting Rid of Everything

Have you have been sick and tired of being sick and tired? On the edge of hitting rock bottom? I think I finally hit my breaking point right after school got out. After my sister, my fellow second grade teachers, and I packed up my husband’s truck with all of my classroom, we brought more chaos and clutter into an already chaotic and clutter-y house. We moved into our house in January and still there were unpacked boxes. Onesies were too tight and shorts were too short on my kids. I hated apologizing for the state of my home every time a guest would come over.

Enough was enough. 

You can barely see the baby and dog in the before.

I immediately ordered “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up” by Marie Kondo and took in the every word, and I vowed to spend my summer getting our house to an enjoyable state. Over scheduling and lack of priority had caused our home to be stuffed to the brim with just that … stuff. My kids would never play with and appreciate toys if they could never access them. How could any of us show gratitude to the items and things we were blessed with if we didn’t even know what we had?

I started with the kids rooms, then I began to follow the KonMari Method throughout the rest of the house. The biggest key is if it doesn’t give you immediate joy when you touch it, it has to go. It’s efficient and allows you to move quickly through your items. I’ve managed to go through every closet, drawer, and cabinet only excluding the attic (not in this heat!), photographs (can’t get rid of those) and my husband’s office (but I did clean out and organize our family file cabinets).

It sounds tedious and I suppose looking back, parts of it were. There were probably over 10 hauls to donation centers and a lot of just … trash. Also, parts of it were tough. I lost my mother earlier this year and was confronted with a lot of memories, both happy and sad. I would have a good cry, then keep on trucking. It helped that she was firm believer in getting rid of anything that didn’t serve a purpose.
Ahhh. After.
Overall, it was a cathartic experience. I would encourage you to try it. There’s been a big movement in “minimalism” and that’s awesome, but I know it’s not totally feasible for my family. However, being intentional with all items brought into our home has eliminated so much waste and clutter. Putting things in their designated place saves so much time, effort, and stress.
It will be interesting to see how this transitions into the school year, but I’m up for the challenge!
Camille has always had ties to Baton Rouge even though she didn’t live here until she finished college. Both of her parents grew up in the Red Stick but she was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee. After graduating from the University of Tennessee (Go Vols!) with a BA in Communication Studies, she moved to Baton Rouge and welcomed her adorable son Caleb (7) less than a year later. She navigated life being a divorced mom until 2015 when she married her incredibly supportive husband Chris in San Francisco. They welcomed baby Christian in the summer of 2017. Truly a “Jane of all Trades”, she has worked in non-profit, local news, retail management, and owned a successful childcare facility. All roads led her to be an elementary school teacher which she believes is her calling. Camille enjoys “family fun days” where they explore BR, CrossFit, baking, and drinking all the coffee. She lives with her family in Ascension Parish with their chubby puggle Chloe.


  1. I have to do this! I’ve read the book and went through clothes and my kitchen. It’s just so overwhelming. What order did you do everything?


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