Volunteer to Foster Animals With Rescue Rehome Repeat of South LA

Calling all animal lovers! Do you have a heart for animals, but can’t commit long-term? Then volunteering to foster with Rescue Rehome Repeat is the perfect job for you! 

Rescue Rehome Repeat of South LA is a non-profit organization that primarily rescues pediatric animals who may be abandoned on the streets, from high kill shelters, rabies control, or in some cases an unwanted litter surrendered by the owner. The organization primarily operates through a Facebook group in which volunteers can choose which animals they’d like to foster until adoption. The organization will post their animals on Petfinder, where the public can go online and see what animals are available for adoption, while also holding adoption events most weekends (see their Facebook page for more information on dates and locations- @RRRofSouthLa). 

Why should you volunteer? 

#1:: It teaches your kids responsibility and commitment.

Having the kids feed them, take them out, and clean up after them are good skills that will teach them responsibility. Before you sign up to volunteer, discuss these things with your kids and make sure they are on board to help out with the responsibilities that come with fostering animals. Once you have your fosters, know that it’s a commitment. You keep the animal until it is adopted to its forever home. It could be days, weeks, and sometimes months. 

#2:: It’s temporary.

Some people cannot commit long-term to an animal, but would love the companionship that comes with having one. Volunteering allows you to love on some animals without enduring it for the long-haul. 

#3:: There’s no cost.

Volunteering to foster is completely free. The organization provides you with food, medicine if needed, training pads, and essentially anything else needed to care for the animals. 

#4:: Seeing your fosters go to a happy owner is priceless.

When your fosters are adopted, it is a bittersweet moment. Depending on your level of attachment, it can be slightly sad to see your foster leave you, but knowing that they are going to be loved in their new home is a comforting feeling and it is ultimately the goal of fostering these animals. The joy the owners experience the day they get to take home their new companion is a joyful experience for all involved, including the animal! 

#5:: You get to pick your fosters.

Being able to choose your fosters is the fun part. There are many different breeds that come through (cats and dogs). Pictures of the animals are posted in the Facebook group and whoever claims them first, gets to care for them until they are adopted. 

#6:: You’re a part of a community of fosters who can help you if needed.

Because the group typically operates through Facebook, if you have any questions, comments, pictures to share, or funny stories, you can turn to the group! There are many wonderful volunteers who are there for support and are eager to connect with other volunteers. It’s truly a network of animal lovers sharing the same passion. 

If you’re interested in volunteering, visit their website to fill out an application. The coordinators are quick to respond and welcome all new-comers who are committed to caring for the animals throughout the process of finding their forever home.

Brooke Bajon
Brooke was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and grew up in Denham Springs. She attained a degree in English from Southeastern Louisiana University. After she graduated, she went on to become an English teacher to a variety of different age levels. Brooke is a single mother whose number one priority is to guide her beautiful eight-year-old daughter, Kameron, through a Christ-centered life. Some of her favorite things to do are run the LSU lakes, go to festivals around the area, and drink an immense amount of coffee! Travels, adventures, and weekend getaways are a necessity to balance out her busy and often-times chaotic life!


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