Red Stick Mom’s Be the Change Spotlight :: Introducing Fathers On A Mission

At Red Stick Mom, we are on a journey to continuously learn about the importance of supporting our neighbors in marginalized communities where disparity is far too prevalent, specifically in the black community. We’ve been happy to share in supporting various black-owned local businesses and are having conversations with our kids about race. We want to continue to show support which is why are highlighting local organizations who are working diligently to serve our neighbors of color in the Greater Baton Rouge area. Our hope is to raise awareness about the great work they are already doing and share it with others. We are excited to put the spotlight on an amazing non-profit organization called Fathers On A Mission (F.O.A.M.).

How did Fathers On a Mission start?

Levar Robinson, a native of Baton Rouge, graduated from Capital Senior High School, spent 6 years in the U.S. Navy, currently works for ExxonMobil, and is a father of six. In 2007, he thought about how he could help youth be successful at an early age. He began mentoring in his church through the youth, young adult and prison ministries and volunteered with community organizations like Big Buddy, 100 Black Men and Volunteers In Public Schools. In 2017, Robinson launched the Nonprofit Fathers On A Mission with the mission of supporting and building fathers, father figures, and kids.

Read more about how F.O.A.M. got started.  

What Does F.O.A.M. Do?

Fathers On A Mission currently holds weekly virtual fatherhood meetings where they provide resources for fathers and discuss pillars of fatherhood. They host free suit giveaways for men from donations received and participate in career fairs. For years, F.O.A.M. has conducted Tips & Ties sessions at schools and throughout the community, offering free neck ties and demonstrations. Past events include the Annual Celebration of Fatherhood, Father Daughter dance in December, and various collaborative events with other organizations.

The F.O.A.M. Mission

To promote responsible committed fatherhood through Education, Strong Relationships, Holistic Health, and Socioeconomic Improvement Opportunities.  Fathers On A Mission is committed to serving fathers and father figures in the Baton Rouge metropolitan area. We believe with improved life skills, self-awareness, positive parenting, health awareness and exposure to opportunities in the workforce we can help build a solid foundation for stronger relationships between fathers and their families.

How you can support Fathers On A Mission

At Fathers On A Mission, we work diligently to ensure we provide fathers opportunities to move past their circumstances and break barriers for their children. We also strive to take a stand in our local communities to help our youth excel.

We appreciate you for joining our mission with your support as we come together to take a stand for a brighter tomorrow. Click Donate or Contact for more information.

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