School Alternatives? You Have Options With Studyville

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School Alternatives in Baton Rouge? You Have Options With Studyville

School alternatives in Baton Rouge.Studyville Introduces Microschooling

Covid-19 turned education on its head, and if you now find yourself questioning traditional schooling in Baton Rouge for your child you are not alone. If you or your child is not adjusting to the “new norm” of school that the pandemic has thrust upon everyone, you should know there are other options available for students here in Baton Rouge.

In Fall 2022, Studyville will extend its Baton Rouge offerings to include Microschools, a personalized education that caters to a child’s unique needs.

What is a Microschool?

Microschools grew in popularity during quarantine as parents rushed to find teachers who could homeschool their kids. Microschools are small, private institutions with certified teachers who work in small groups or one-on-one with students to personalize education. Think of it as someone else (a certified educator) teaching your child with the freedom of homeschool but in a really cool learning environment (Studyville!) and not your kitchen table. It’s one-room school house meets old school governess but in a modern, tech-savvy environment. And it’s available as a fabulous school option right here in Baton Rouge!

What is the curriculum?

Studyville’s curriculum will adhere to all state and federal education standards and testing. Students will have a transcript and grading standards, and they may work ahead of grade level as advised by their educator.

What are the hours/obligation?

It is expected that students will receive at least 15 hours of direct instruction a week. Microschooling is incredibly efficient. Small ratios and no class changes or announcements remove all the unnecessary time fillers that come with traditional schooling.

Is there homework?

If you are looking for a school in Baton Rouge that doesn’t have homework, this is it. If you do not want homework for your student, then there is no homework.

What subjects are taught?

All core subjects inducing math, language, science, and history for all grade levels. Some electives are included, and anything necessary to meet state and federal requirements.

Who is the ideal candidate for Microschooling?

Microschooling is available to all Baton Rouge parents and families living in the Baton Rouge area. Microschooling is a great alternative for:

  • Anyone who feels school is “not for them” or is frustrated by the rigidity of the one-size-fits-all traditional school
  • Young athletes training for the collegiate and professional world
  • Young musicians training for professional arts
  • Anyone looking for flexibility in education
  • Anyone frustrated by pandemic mandates
  • Families who want flexibility to travel or explore life outside of the typical, rigid school year

Students are already benefitting from the newfound flexibility Studyville’s private education offers.

“The transition from a traditional educational setting to a private education experience was not undertaken lightly by our family. To be honest, we were scared. We knew of no other family engaging in this form of education. It was new. It was different. Thankfully, we did not have to undertake this process alone: Studyville worked with us to find the best educators, establish the appropriate schedule, and build a personalized curriculum. While I, as a parent, could laud Studyville for their dedicated work and attention, it is our son that provides the greatest testimony. At least once a week, he says, “Thank you for finding Studyville.” He is excited to learn again. He wants to go to “school” — not for lunch, not for recess — but to learn. Learning now has purpose and application beyond a traditional exam. Our educators have reminded our son about the joy of learning. We gave up traditional school to gain a true education.” -Stephanie, mom and current Studyville Private Education client

Interested in learning more? Let’s chat about how to personalize education for you. Schedule a call with our staff today to learn more HERE

Microschool enrollment for Fall 2022 opens January 10, 2022 and is open to all grade levels.


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