So, You’re Moving? { What I’ve Learned From Moving 9 Times}

I wouldn’t consider myself an expert mover, but I have moved at least 9 times in the past 8 years. To say I’m over it is probably the understatement of the year. But we are a household that’s a firm believer in God’s timing. So while it’s been trying to say the least to never know where we will live in a year, we finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. 

And here we are getting ready to move for the last time in a long time!! I am so excited that packing doesn’t seem like a miserable task this time around! I’ve decided to share some tips and tricks I’ve learned through the years in packing and moving! 

  • It’s the perfect time to purge: if you haven’t used it or worn it in the last year, chances are you won’t be needing it now! Think of it like the Carrie Bradshaw purge. I always make a take, trash and donate pile for everything and anything. 
  • Leave your clothes hanging: Hear me out … we wrap a garbage bag around and loop it over the hangers. Unless you want to spend the money on the real nice boxes, but when it comes to moving, we try and save as much as possible.  
  • Box things ahead of time that you won’t be needing: kitchen cabinets, extra dishes and glasses, party platters, holiday decor and so on. 
  • Pack a night one box: bathroom necessities, pj’s, bedding, chargers, etc. 
  • Wrap breakables in clothing instead of bubble wrap: we used our cloth diapers this time as well as T-shirts! 
  • Label boxes: I just wrote the locations, but you could do color coded tape as well! 
  • Cover the openings of your toiletries with saran wrap to keep them from leaking then put the tops back on!
  • Pack plates vertically. 
  • Keep sandwich bags handy for holding small parts for things you take apart (i.e. tv mount, mirrors, curtain rods). This has been a lifesaver every time! 
  • Take a photo of how your electronics are connected. 
  • Pizza, drinks, and treats go a long way for the people who help you move! 

Are you in the process of moving? If so, what are some of your tips and tricks!? 

Michelle, and her wonderful husband Michael, moved to Baton Rouge from Houma, 3 years ago to help launch Anchor Chapel. Though it's been 3 years, there's a 99.9% chance she'll still get lost unless she uses the GPS on her phone. They are the parents to a spunky, Disney loving 2-year-old named Maverick. She graduated from Nicholls State University and earned her degree in Mass Communication with a concentration in Public Relations. She has since then has decided to trade that in for a life of a working stay at home mom. She loves all things Jesus, Lush, and Disney!


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