Social Distancing Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt

My family moved to Baton Rouge almost 3 years ago for my husband’s job. Our extended families all live out West where we are originally from. Although we have moved quite a bit, moving 4 kids is always filled with anxiety. Thankfully we have been embraced by this wonderful community. We have found a school we love, learned football is a season (good bye fall! Geaux Tigers!), discovered our favorite king cake, and met people who have become like family.

I met Helen Baum and Madison Baum through my church. Together we run the children’s program. Madison and Helen care deeply for others, are the reason that things are organized and look amazing. They are wonderful mothers and friends. I am so grateful to work with them.

Social distancing has altered our lives in many ways. We’d love to offer an opportunity to add a small amount of normal and fun for our children. We have organized a social distancing Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt from the safety of your car. We have hidden eggs around the city and given clues to find the eggs. We ask that you respect the social distancing guidelines our Governor has put in place and remain in your cars and six feet away from friends you may see along the way! Please consider stopping at one of the local restaurants and supporting them by picking up takeout.

Here is a link to the clues and answer key.

This is event is hosted by Angie Faust, Helen Baum, and Madison Baum. We are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and run the children’s program for our congregation. We enjoy spending time with our families and living in this community.


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