Studio Saturdays:: Having Fun at Louisiana Art and Science Museum

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Studio Saturdays:: Having Fun at Louisiana Art & Science Museum

Louisiana Art & Science Museum has this awesome new exhibit: Picturing Vivian Maier A Street Photographer Revealed (January 23-May 22) This exhibit is so cool, Vivian Maier was a nanny with a knack for photography. So as she nannied in places like New York & Chicago, she carried her camera with her and “developed” quite the collection of candid photographs. In line with paying homage to Vivian & her craft, LASM is hosting Studio Saturdays, a new series of interactive workshops with a different theme each month. February’s theme was Learning to Look and took the kids on a scavenger hunt through the museum. It’s only $5 above your museum entrance fee & jam packed with fun! 

Last week was the maiden voyage of Studio Saturdays and we attended so we could tell you all about it! We all met up in the maker space & got a quick rundown of the days events. Then two of the friendliest staffers Gaelin Craighead (Art Educator) and Elizabeth Walker (Curator of the Visitor Experience) took us into Vivian Maier’s exhibit. They talked to the kids about photography, portraits, the rule of thirds, and point of view! The exhibit includes an interactive model of the type of camera Vivian used & the kids were all encouraged to take a look through her lens.

Once we’d gotten this amazing crash course in photography, the kids paired off; each pair was given a Polaroid Instax camera & a photography scavenger hunt.

Gaelin Craighead, Brue, and Elizabeth Walker at the first Studio Saturday

This week’s studio really cultivated & encouraged these kids to step out of your typical selfie or groupie. These budding photographers were encouraged to take a picture from a new angle. Photograph something up close. Snap a shot of something tiny. There were so many options, but the fun didn’t stop there! Once these little shutterbugs completed their challenge we met back in our original room & got to crafting!

LASM had all these adorable frames available so the participants could frame their work. They were also encouraged to donate some of their photographs to the museum to go in an exhibit of its own. My daughter has told everyone she knows that she has 4 pictures hanging IN. A. MUSEUM. To say she’s proud is an understatement.

Once Studio Saturday wrapped up, we took some time to explore the museum some more. Here’s one of the many reasons I love LASM; they fully embrace each exhibit when it comes! So not only can you enjoy Vivian Maiers work, participate in Studio Saturdays, but outside of the Maker Station they have provided all the materials for you to make your own pretend camera! We spent a good thirty minutes just creating together! I got to watch her imagination explode; she shared “cool tape” I could add to my camera—it was such a special time. My two eldest have played with those cameras everyday since! I can’t wait to see what next Saturday holds, the next workshop is scheduled for March 30 and registration opens on March 1st! Mark your calendars now because you won’t want to miss out!

Learn more about Studio Saturdays at LASM and register HERE

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