Summer Stimulation With a Friends of the Zoo Membership

Disclosure :: This post is sponsored by BREC’s Baton Rouge Zoo

Summer Stimulation With a Friends of the Zoo Membership

Summer is almost here! And, while we’re all looking forward to longer days, no homework, hopefully a much-needed vacation, and some R&R from the hustle and bustle of the school year, we all know it comes with a price. That is – boredom! Let’s face it, each summer it usually takes our children a max of one week out of the normal routine to start asking, make that begging, for something fun to do. This year, we challenge you to think outside of the box. And, please make sure that it includes some fresh air, exercise and education about new and stimulating aspects of our amazing world.

In addition to keeping your children entertained, you want to prevent the “Summer Brain Drain” too. It’s a real thing. Many statistics show that it takes school-aged children up to 6 weeks to get back to where they were before the summer break after returning to school each fall. As well, children are at risk of losing more than just academic knowledge during the summer – physical fitness levels also take a hit. Encouraging physical activity all summer long will help your child stay at peak mental form, as physical health is known to enhance academic performance.

BREC’s Baton Rouge Zoo has been providing an outlet for kids to learn, explore and burn off some of that energy for nearly 50 years! Our Zoo is a place where people connect with animals, including tigers, giraffes, rhinos and alligators. We have the world-class Realm of the Tiger, Flamingo Cove, Giants of the Islands, Safari Playground, L’aquarium de Louisiane, and KidsZoo exhibits that offer fun and education for all ages. Even better, we’re affordable and not crowded. Who could ask for more!?

These special experiences are not only attainable during the summer, but all year long. You may not realize that you can have a “fun pass” to the Zoo all year by purchasing a Friends of the Zoo Family Membership, starting at $59. This means, that after making that one-time membership purchase, the entire family can visit your Zoo as much as you’d like for FREE! Other perks include a monthly e-newsletter, quarterly printed newsletter, express “Member’s Only” entrance for the Zoo’s more popular events, and much more! There are a few different memberships, one is sure to fit your families needs

So, please take a moment to think about what fun things you’ll be prepared to do when your kiddos inevitably say, “Mom, I’m bored.” Be ready with something they’ll never expect. Something that pushes them to take a needed break from the electronic devices and helps them expand their horizons by learning about wild animals in wild places and helps them gain an appreciation for conservation needs and efforts worldwide. The Zoo can do that. It’s the ultimate multigenerational activity that continuously brings learning and smiles!

Get your family’s Zoo Membership today!


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