Swimming: It’s More than Just a Summer Sport!

Swimming: It’s More than Just a Summer Sport!

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Most children stay busy with many activities. And as parents, you often want them to experience a myriad of activities to see where they can thrive, gather up different skills and stay active and social.

No doubt, your children will likely take part in many activities during their younger years, but swimming (lessons and team) is the activity that will give them a LIFE-SAVING SKILL!

Although the weather is not exactly cooling off in south Louisiana, talk of Fall sports and back to school activities are the conversational buzz. Many parents view swimming as something to “check off the list” for the Summer months and are content now to leave the pool behind till next year. Crawfish Aquatics swim team and its sister company, Crawfish Swim School, want parents to reconsider this mindset. Swimming is always in season! Swim team and swimming lessons in the fall

We believe learning to swim and becoming a strong swimmer is a long-term commitment, and a skill worth investing in beyond the “Swimming Lessons years.”  

Among children 1-14 years of age, fatal drowning is the second-leading cause of unintentional injury-related death behind motor vehicle crashes (and for ages 1-4, drowning is the most frequent cause of accidental deaths). That in itself is enough reason to continue investing in this skill throughout adolescence and beyond, but there are also social, health and physical reasons to stay in the pool! Swimming promotes children’s cognitive development and develops motor skills like coordination, and the strength and stamina gained in the pool is a perfect complement to many other sports. It is a full body workout that builds endurance and increases flexibility. Swimmers learn to be active listeners and thrive on the independence it fosters.

Crawfish Aquatics swim team makes it possible to swim year-round without “just being a swimmer” with many groups having 2 or 3  practices per week.

The Novice pre-swim team group bridges the gap between swimming lessons and swim team. Once a child can swim 15 yards (about half the length of the pool), they are ready to enter this group. From there, they move into our developmental competitive track (8 & Under and Age Group) where skills and fitness are developed and competitive skills are taught. Everything is designed to flow from one group to the next.

With groups structured by age, skill, desired time commitment and goals, we make it possible to be a multi-sport swimmer. We also strongly believe that doing something with frequency is not the cause of burnout. More often, it is the performance pressures (parents, peers, themselves) that cause someone to go from loving a sport or activity to frazzled, indifferent or “burnt out”. Our goal is to set them up for future success so we keep things age- and developmentally-appropriate while building a skill set that will support them in the more training-focused senior swimming days. The proof that you can train swimmers in a developmentally appropriate manner AND develop strong competitors is in the team trophies: this year Crawfish Aquatics team finished first at the 8 & Under, 12 & Under and 13 & Older LA State Championship meets.Year round swimming : More than just a summer sport!

Crawfish Aquatics is located on Bluebonnet Boulevard in Baton Rouge and will be holding new swimmer placement evaluations on August 13 and 14 for the Fall season. Visit them online at www.crawfishaquatics.com or connect with them at [email protected] for more information about the swim team programs available.

Want to stay in the pool but keep it to 1 day per week?

Their sister company, Crawfish Swim School offers year-round swimming lessons in a one lessons class per week format, running in 3 sessions: Fall, Spring, Summer. From 6 months to adult, the full family can get in on water fun and learning at their Siegen Lane or Prairieville locations. Head over to www.crawfishswimschool.com to learn more.

Register online at www.crawfishaquatics.com or contact Crawfish Aquatics for a swim team group placement evaluation or more group placement details at [email protected]

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