Target-Inspired DIY Wreath

I have been eyeing the beautiful red wreaths at Target for the past several years. Don’t ask me why I never bought one. I guess partly because I didn’t want to spend $30 on something that I would only get to enjoy one month out of the year, partly because I’m usually grocery shopping and I see it as I pass by in a hurry to get to the baby aisles. Regardless, I never did bite the bullet but the other day I was in Hobby Lobby and an idea hit me. I would make my own DIY wreath. I love crafting so this would be fun!

It’s super simple. You need only 4 items. A 12″ floral foam circle – $5.00, 5 sheets of red felt (you can do white as well if it goes better with your decor) – $1.25, a pair of good sharp scissors and a box of pins.


1: Take a sheet of felt fold it in half and cut it. Fold the halves in half and cut again. Then fold those in half and cut once more. You should get eight strips of about one inch each per sheet of felt. Do the same to your other 4 pieces of felt.



2: Take a strip of felt, fold it in half and cut. I leave the two halves together one over the other and eyeballing two more cuts I get three approximate squares. None of this needs to be precise. Repeat with all the felt strips until you get a mound of roughly one by one inch squares.



3: This is the tedious part. Take the squares, I would do two or three at a time depending on how good your scissors are, and make a curved cut on each of the corners so that you are left with a circle. Again, as you can see, none of this needs to be precise. Take the circles and make a slit that starts at the edge and stops in the middle.



4: Take your slit circles and overlap the two sides so that it forms an open cone shape. Take a pin and insert it into the tip of the cone and then into the floral foam.


5: Repeat the step above with your other circles. When you insert them into your foam make sure to butt them up against each other so they hold their cone shape and don’t flatten out. You do not have to add the felt cones to the back of the wreath, just enough to where if it’s hanging on your wall you can’t see the foam on the side.



6: Repeat until your wreath is finished.



The back looks like this:


Your turn! Show me your versions on Facebook. I would especially love to see one made out of white felt!

Adriana is an awestruck mother to a spunky 8 month old son, Jacob and a happy wife to a wonderful, smart and strong man, Joseph. She believes that ordinary things are the most important things and simplicity breeds unimaginable beauty. She hails from Romania, an eastern European country whose rural areas are stuck in a time warp where life is very basic but wholesome. Memories of growing up there have fostered a deep appreciation for the bonds of family, the beauty of nature and the power of a simple life. Second only to her love of family is her love of photography. She maintains a part time business, Heart Photography, ( and and is very excited to be launching a new, women-focused branch to her business within the year.


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