10 Things Every Football Lovin’ Mom Understands

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Some misguided souls assume that women do not like football.  While that may be true for some women of course, many of us live for the blessed season.  Dare I say especially in the South?  We are raised down here to love the game and integrate it into our families, our lives.  Football season for us is more than tolerating our husbands’ football demands. For us, football season is a long awaited and treasured part of the year that brings us lots of joy and some pain.  Here are 10 things that all of us rabid football lovin’ mamas understand.

  1. We Arrange Our Social Calendar Around Football Schedules.

Ladies, you know this is true. If we are planning an event, party, or even a date night, we take a peek at the LSU football schedule. Don’t even get me started on weddings. (The spring and summer, ladies, always the spring and summer). We understand that Saturday afternoons and nights are sacred for game watching. If there is an event, the activities will revolve around the game.  If we go on a date with our husbands, better believe it will either be to the game or to a place that has the game on TV.  No shame in our game, here. It’s how we roll.

  1. We Know the Football Weekend starts Thursday night and lasts until Monday night.

Follow up to the above.  We take into account the NFL, high school, college, and the NFL again for our football weekends.  Our kids get quite accustomed to football being on TV and resorting to a movie in their rooms or cartoons on the computer or iPad. The season is short, y’all, we have to make the most of it.  Before we know it, we will be in the sports dry season thirsting for preseason.  I say get all the football you can before it’s gone.

  1. We Listen to Local Sports Radio.

Ladies, we have our own ESPN affiliate here in Baton Rouge, and I know that many of us out there are loyal listeners.  I love being able to catch my favorite ESPN personalities as well as our local guys daily.  On our way to school, my son and I listen to Culotta and the Prince, and on our way home we listen to Matt Moscona.  My son learned the SEC mascots this way, and he knows all of Moscona’s lead-ins.  The point is, we are out there in the radio sphere, passionate about our Tigers and Saints.

  1. We Know the Importance of Gatorade and Jersey Prep for Practices and Games.

Beyond our fandom, many of us out there are legit football moms, supporting our sons (and some daughters, shout out Central High!) and cheering them on from the sidelines.  Those of us who clean jerseys and ready our kids’ equipment know the value of Gatorade to prevent cramps and increase hydration.  I’ve seen my share of players cramp up in pain during games, and I know this is one element that cannot be missed.  So all you legit football moms, I salute you! Get those jerseys ready and that Gatorade loaded up!

  1. We Play Fantasy Football.

This is serious in my house.  I’ve played for five seasons, and I have even upped my gamesmanship to two leagues.  In both leagues we have a few women playing.  Draft days in our house have gotten pretty heated between my husband and me, not to mention taking turns watching our sons between picks.  If you don’t play fantasy and you love football, give it a try.  It is so much fun to keep up with your players and adds an entire new element to the NFL season.

  1. We Argue With Friends and Family Over Play Calls.

We love our families, and we love our football.  If you’re like us, y’all gather together for LSU and Saints games.  Passion is an understatement.  Whether we are divided on coaching decisions, play calls, or penalties, we state our opinion.  It’s all love, though, we always resolve our differences.  Heaven forbid if your family includes other SEC fans, then things must get really intense!

  1. We Avoid Entire Color Combinations During the Fall, and We Drown in Purple and Gold.

Orange and blue? No thanks. Crimson or maroon? Get them out of here.  Whether our fashion choices are for us or our children, we are quite careful about inadvertently sporting a dreadful combination of our rivals.  In turn, we spend money and time cultivating the perfect purple and gold game day looks for us and our kids.  Game day? Who are we kidding?  During football season, we may sport purple and gold throughout the week!

  1. We Find Bliss in Our Children Cheering Along With Us.

One of my first memories is of my dad and our huge radio with Jim Hawthorne’s voice booming out at me.  He taught me to say, “Beat ‘em up, Tigers, beat ‘em up!”  I am so happy to continue the tradition with our sons.  We sit together and high five when we score a touchdown.  We football moms love to teach our kids how to support our favorite teams and burst with joy when we see and hear their little voices cheer.

  1. We Watch Gameday Faithfully and Probably Cry At Least Once.

Oh, y’all this is serious.  College Gameday is one of our favorites for so many reasons.  Many of us love the family camaraderie of the hosts, especially Herbstreit and Corso.  Others love the signs and the campus environments.  But what intrigues us all are the inevitable tear-jerking human interest stories.  Every Saturday ESPN brings a moving and beautiful story that ties into football and deals with adoption or special needs or impoverished struggles or parent relationships.  They get me every time.  My son usually turns to me and asks, “Mommy, why are you crying?” I just say, “They’re happy tears, son.”  Ah, gameday…have your tissues handy.

  1. We Go To Games For the Actual Games, Not Just the Party.

Oh, don’t get me wrong, we love the party, but our real reason is to be focused and to invest in the game.  We watch each play.  We yell really loudly.  We celebrate wholeheartedly.  If you want to chat incessantly, sit somewhere else, because we football lovin’ mamas are serious about football.

Are you a football lovin’ mama too? What else would you add to the list?

Joy is a native of Baton Rouge and lives here with her husband, Ross, and their two boys. She has been happily married for nine years and enjoys spending as much time as she can with her husband. Though she is from Baton Rouge, she has spent time in Texas, Missouri, and New York. She graduated from Baylor in 2003 with a major in History and minor in English. After college she volunteered in New York City for a year with Good Shepherd Services and worked in a short term group home for teenage girls. Upon returning to Baton Rouge in 2004, she met her husband and decided to hang around for a little while. Joy has been teaching high school history and/or English for ten years. She has a passion for the written word and currently teaches AP Literature and Senior English at Parkview Baptist. She also helps friends with writing projects on the side. In 2011, Ross and Joy welcomed Warrick Glen into their family. He keeps the family entertained with his energy, questions, and personality. Then in 2013, they brought Xavier Elijah into their lives. He is a round bundle of chubby love. When not teaching she spends her time refereeing her sons as they wrestle and play. Joy and her husband are avid sports fans who compete against each other in fantasy football during football season. They serve and worship at the Baton Rouge Dreamcenter in North Baton Rouge, a satellite campus of Healing Place Church. In her spare time she loves books, movies, Food Network, HGTV, and dance competition shows.


  1. my sister is 64 lost her husband two years ago and is looking for a group of women to hang out with during LSU and/or Saints games. Does you group ever meet at a bar or other location to watch games as a group? She lives in Baton Rouge. or if you know of such a group and you could pass it on to me that would be great. She very outgoing but not a big internet user that is why I am trying to help her out. Thank you for taking a look at my note. Larry Kallas


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