The Best Cookie in Baton Rouge

All this week we are tasting and judging the yummiest treats in Baton Rouge to find you the best of the bestmom (and kid) approved! For each place we tested, we considered flavor, texture/quality, kid-friendly atmosphere, service, and our overall experience. It wasn’t easy (since each place is awesome), but somebody had to do it. 😉


We are starting it off with the classic chocolate chip cookie. We tasted at Baum’s Fine Pastries, Ambrosia Bakery, Maxwell’s Market, and Gambino’s Bakery. Read through to see how each one scored and who had our favorite! Here’s the scale we used from lowest to highest: 🙁 😕 😐 🙂 😀

Baum’s Fine Pastries
Baum’s was our first stop, and their chocolate chip cookies were exactly how I like them–soft with rich chunks of chocolate. The seating area is tiny and a little awkward, but that much chocolate crammed into one cookie can make me forgive a multitude of sins. To be fair, though, my husband thought there was too much chocolate. They get bonus points for having cool kid-friendly candies near the checkout.

Flavor 🙂
Texture/Quality 😀
Kid friendly atmosphere 🙂
Service 😀
Overall experience 🙂

b3 (800x601)

b4 (600x800)Ambrosia Bakery
They were out of chocolate chip (WHAT) so we got white chocolate macadamia nut instead. They were chewy at the edges, soft in the middle, and very sweet. They have a deli too and a pretty big seating area, making it the perfect spot to treat your littles to a date.

Flavor 😐
Texture/Quality 🙂
Kid friendly atmosphere 😀
Service 😀
Overall experience 🙂

a3 (800x600)


Maxwell’s Market (Corporate Blvd location)
Did y’all know that Maxwell’s is into baking? Their chocolate chip cookies were dense, chewy, and very chocolatey–perfect for dunking in milk. I’m pretty sure there was more chocolate than there was cookie. We were pleased that there was plenty of seating, and I even spied a high chair (plus this place gets bonus points from the grownups for having beer on tap). And be sure to pick up something fancy for dinner while you’re there.

Flavor 😀
Texture/Quality 😀
Kid friendly atmosphere 😀
Service 🙂
Overall experience 😀

m1 (800x600)

Gambino’s Bakery (Perkins Rd.)
Gambino’s is a classic and so are their cookies. Just like Grandma’s, they’re crispy near the edges and soft in the middle. It was really, really good. Seating was the most limited we’d seen–only one table with three chairs–but the staff here was by far the friendliest.

Flavor 😀
Texture/Quality 😀
Kid friendly atmosphere 😐
Service 😀
Overall experience 🙂

g1 (800x600)

 The Winner

It was a close call, but Maxwell’s edged in as the winner with their chocolate-loaded cookies and family-friendly atmosphere! I love that they’ve got a wide variety of prepared foods that are perfect for busy families and a seating area that invites you to stay a while. So, look no further for that perfect cookie…congrats Maxwell’s!

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Charlotte is mom to two-year-old Jack and a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. She works part time, sells vintage wares on Etsy, and also maintains a personal blog, Living Well on the Cheap, where she writes about creating a full, rich life and a beautiful home without living beyond her means. Decorating, blogging, and thrifting were the creative outlets that helped her cope with the emotional demands of her career as a social worker, and they still serve her well now that she spends most of her time caring for her son. She and her husband, Nick, both grew up in the suburbs of New Orleans, but met at LSU in 2006 and never had the heart to leave Baton Rouge. She is happy to call the Red Stick home and loves connecting with other moms.



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