The Best Salsa: Where To Buy It & How to Make It

If there’s anything that unites people, I have to say, it’s a massive bowl of chips ready to be dipped into salsa. Honestly, even a humble jar of Pace and bag of Tostitos will draw a crowd at any party. It’s the salty crunch and the tangy flavor that we just can’t seem to say “no” to. Now, as a Texas native, my salsa standards are pretty high and I do believe my opinion on this matter is correct. Let’s be honest, we eat salsa year around. However, as warmer weather approaches, I dream of eating chips and salsa by the pool, chips and salsa on a restaurant patio, and chips and salsa while watching my favorite show. So, without further ado, here are my favorite salsas.

Going Out in Baton Rouge

La Carreta and Superior Grill both have excellent chips and flavorful salsa. I’d say Superior’s is a little spicer but both have that bright tomato flavor that keeps us dipping. For other food items, we like La Carreta better, but Superior has legendary margaritas.

Mis Padres’ salsa has a tasty, smokier flavor, and you can’t pass on their delicious bean dip. We enjoy following these appetizers with an order of fajitas, including their homemade tortillas.

Gov’t Taco’s salsa verde is vibrant in flavor and has a perfect spice level. Their carrot taco is surprisingly delicious plus I love that they have a new specialty taco each month!

Going Out in New Orleans

Barracuda is one of our favorite spots to eat in New Orleans. We love the outdoor patio, making it a great spot to bring kiddos. The margaritas are killer and their salsa is super fresh and flavorful.

We also love El Pavo Real. The salsa is smokey and the pico de gallo is fresh and delicious! They also serve a completely addictive popcorn with the chips and salsa that we all devour! Get the fish tacos for sure.

Staying In

Mateo’s Organic Salsa can be found at most grocery stores and has really fresh flavor. I usually buy it at Costco because the jar is huge.

Also at Costco is Jack’s Cantina Salsa which is found in the refrigerated salsa. It’s organic, medium spice level, and has a really fresh flavor.

Trader Joe’s jarred red salsa and jarred salsa verde are both really good. We also love Trader Joe’s restaurant-style chips. I often use the salsa verde to make my White Chicken Chili.

Taco Deli salsas are carried in the refrigerated at Whole Foods and their creamy salsa verde is especially delicious. It is on the spicier side and packs a good punch!

As far as dipping goes, ¡Hola Nola¡ tortilla chips have the perfect crunch and Siete chips are our favorite grain-free option. I find both of these at most grocery stores.

Make it yourself 

Among friends and family, I am “famous” for my salsa. The recipe is extremely easy and the fresh, vibrant flavor just absolutely cannot be beat. You can adjust the spice level with more or less jalapeño and the flavor profile by roasting your veggies beforehand. In the summer I use fresh tomatoes, otherwise, I’ll use canned. There are few things I enjoy more than putting out bowls of salsa and chips and seeing it completely devoured by people I love.

  • 5 large heirloom tomatoes OR one 24 oz can of whole tomatoes
  • 1/2 of a yellow onion, large pieces
  • 1-2 jalapeños (pending your spice level), deseeded and deveined
  • 1 bunch cilantro
  • juice of 3 limes
  • salt to taste

Add all ingredients to the food processor and pulse to your desired consistency. I like some texture. Salt as needed. Enjoy with your favorite chips!

Where do you get your favorite salsa?


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