Community School For Apprenticeship Learning (CSAL) is Now Hiring Baton Rouge Teachers

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Community School For Apprenticeship Learning (CSAL) is Now Hiring Baton Rouge Teachers

The Culture and History of CSAL: Seeking Talented Teachers to Add to Their TeamWho is CSAL?

CSAL, Community School For Apprenticeship Learning, is one of the oldest charter schools in the state. CSAL first opened its doors in 1997 and recently celebrated their 25 year anniversary. Currently operating 3 charter schools in Baton Rouge: CSAL Middle School, Madison Preparatory Academy, and Louisiana Virtual Charter Academy, CSAL is one of the few charter school organizations that operates more than one school in the same city.

Did you know that CSAL takes the time to interview with families to establish expectations?

CSAL is proud to have remained one of the highest performing schools in Baton Rouge year over year. Madison Prep has a 90% graduation rate, and the majority of its graduating class are eligible to attend college. In addition to outstanding academics, CSAL is proud to be home to high-performing  athletic teams at the middle and high school level.

What type of learning environment is available?

CSAL offers a small school environment and is Baton Rouge’s first semester school. In 2011, CSAL  opened the state’s first virtual school for grades K-12, providing options for every type of learner. CSAL continues to meet the unique needs of families and students by offering courses include robotics and music, CTE courses (nursing), hospitality, computer science, engineering, radio/TV broadcasting, dance, choir, band, and visual arts. CSAL specializes in STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) courses and offers high school credit for middle schoolers.

What can you expect from CSAL?

CSAL’s foundation stands on the importance of relationships. They see kids as an extension of their family. Teachers and staff are trained on how to interact with students. When students and adults show up to their school, they are welcomed with the phrase

“You’re going to have an experience like none other.”

What about the CSAL staff?

With CSAL’s foundation putting importance on relationships, they start each year with a staff retreat in Destin, FL. During this retreat, the team prioritizes professional development and team building that equip teachers and staff to work together throughout the year. CSALs’s culture focuses on the importance of the relationships, not the rules. In an effort to maintain that relationship-building culture, CSAL has school-wide field trips every Friday before a holiday.

CSAL is hiring!

CSAL is currently seeking talented individuals who are wanting to work in a high energy, fun environment using data driven strategies to meet the needs of students. CSAL offers teachers automomy to educate students their own way while equipping them with strategies that have proven successful throughout the network. CSAL also offers staff ongoing professional development opportunities.

If you or someone else you know is looking to teach middle school social studies, english or  high school social studies, reach out to CSAL.

Hiring Teachers in Baton Rouge


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