The Gifts Mom ACTUALLY Wants…

The Gifts Mom ACTUALLY Wants …

I just celebrated my birthday recently, and my husband will be the first to tell you I am far from shy when it comes to telling him what I want for my birthday … or Mother’s Day… or Christmas… or… well, any gift-giving holiday. Receiving gifts is absolutely at the top of my love languages list. But this got me thinking… what do other moms really want from their significant others for all those big gift-giving days? So I did what any normal person would do… I polled my Facebook friends.

Here are some of the top answers:

1. Massage

There was absolutely a common theme with this one. Moms want a little R&R when given the opportunity. And what’s better than getting a break from the kids and household duties than getting to do so while getting a relaxation massage in the meantime. And no, guys… I don’t mean a massage from you with a little something extra in it for yourself (we all know you were thinking it). Mom wants a legit massage from a legit business with legit licensed professionals.

Even better than just a massage? Having someone actually book their appointment for them! Yes, fellas, you heard me… she wants you to book the massage for her! Sure, relaxing is great until you have to stress over finding a day and time to get said relaxation. Line up a sitter, block her calendar, and book that massage for mama. It’s what she wants. Trust me… she said so herself!

The Gifts Mom ACTUALLY Want...

2. Quiet

Can we have a moment of silence for all the times mom gets a moment of quiet? Oh, she doesn’t get any of that? Exactly! This was another common answer from my Facebook friends. Moms are constantly being berated with requests from tiny human. Can you sign my permission slip? Can you get this from the grocery store? Can you get me a poster board I need for a project that’s due… uhh… tomorrow?

The Gifts Mom ACTUALLY Want...

Moms rarely have a moment to themselves, so what’s one thing you can give her that costs absolutely nothing? A day to herself with no whining, crying, questions… just pure silence. If you want to spend a little, book a night at a local hotel for her to get away from the house. This is absolutely on my own list (in case my husband is reading this… hint).

3. Clean House

Here’s another one that can cost you nothing but make moms day… a clean house! This was another popular answer from moms I personally know. I know for myself, when I sit down at the end of the day and want to relax, there is nothing that stresses me out more than seeing toys scattered everywhere, dishes in the sink, a floor that needs to be mopped, and well… the list goes on. If your budget is tight but you want to give mom something The Gifts Mom ACTUALLY Want...she actually wants, send her out of the house for some quiet time and get to cleaning. Pick up the toys, sweep, mop, vacuum. Do whatever you can to ease the underlying stress she feels every time she sees a house full of clutter.

If cleaning isn’t your forte though and you have a few bucks to spare to make mom’s day, hire one of the many cleaning companies that can come in and make your house look brand new. There are a ridiculous number of companies you can hire to get the job done and get it done well, or you can even hire small and local to help another family while giving mom what she wants… no, needs!

Trust me… stick to the list!

Sure, there were a few material gifts that people answered my poll with (coffee, gift cards, vacuum, etc), but the overwhelming theme of answers was to ease the stress mom’s feel every day. It may look different for the mom in your life, but when in doubt… one of the options above will sure to be appreciated!



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