The Key To A Better Me :: Letting The Words Flow

The Key To A Better Me :: Letting The Words Flow

It’s no secret that I like to write. Even without the fancy degree I consider myself a seasoned writer. One of my fondest memories was writing Harry Potter fan fiction in the living room on our family computer, an old Windows 95 model circa the year 2000. I’ve kept a journal on and off for years. Going through periods of life where I wrote everyday, as well as periods where my journal entries are months apart.

Journaling soothes my soul and lets me take my frustrations out. It lets me capture memories I don’t want to forget and words spoken that won’t leave my memory no matter how hard I try. I write poems and make lists and everything in between in my journal.

I recently came into the modern age and decided to start journaling electronically.

The writing prompts have awakened a love that I haven’t encountered in months and brought ease to words I’ve wanted to express. I use the app Clearful and really love it. It gives me daily reminders to write and lets me express myself in ways I would’ve never thought. Although physically writing in my journal is still my favorite way to write. Just something about those words flowing on paper gives me a thrill.

The Key To A Better Me :: Letting The Words Flow

I encourage everyone to journal. It doesn’t matter if you’re a writer. Expressing ourselves through words is therapeutic and allows us to let go of things that rest on our shoulders. Writing provides a writer’s high that’s almost unexplainable and going back and reading your entries truly helps ground you and makes life a little more livable. No one has to read your words, and in a world where privacy is almost non-existent, that’s a very comforting thought, at least to me. When I write, I can be angry. I can be sad and let me tears fall. Or I can be elated and giddy with joy. It’s my favorite way to express my emotions.

Writing is one of the most beneficial things I can do solely for me. So give it a try, I’m sure you’ll love it.

Sara Hodge
Sara is the proud mother of four children and 3 cats. Born in Baton Rouge, she grew up in Ascension and decided to settle down in her hometown of Gonzales. As the mom of two children with congenital heart disease, she's passionate about raising awareness for the cause. In her rare moments of spare time, she enjoys reading Stephen King novels, spending all her money on Amazon, and scrolling through TikTok. You can usually find her cruising the streets listening to 2000's emo, being her children's personal chauffeur.


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