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Note: Sorry for the delay in the latest Mommy Doctor post. April started with the flu running through our house, which weakened our immune systems, allowing us to catch a stomach virus, that lead to a sinus cold. Needless to say, it has been a rough month! But we have continued to use what we know (and even learned a few new things on the way) and now seem to be on the mend! Read all previous Mommy Doctor posts right here.

There is nothing sweeter that perfectly soft baby skin. Sometimes, however, the skin gets irritated, and we want quick remedies that are gentle for that sensitive baby skin! So what is a mom to do? Here are some simple things you can do to help clear up everything from dry skin to diaper rash.

Coconut oil: I use this for EVERYTING! If our face is dry, Emmeline has diaper rash, a conditioner for my hair, etc. You name it, I use it! Virgin coconut oil has amazing moisturizing power. You can use it and not worry about toxic chemicals building up in your kids’ pores. You can use too much, which will give the opposite effect, so be careful not to go overboard!


Lavender Essential Oil: Ava tends to get a little rash around her mouth from very acidic foods. Usually, it doesn’t bother her; but when it does, I quickly grab my lavender essential oil. I rub a little around her mouth before bed; and in the morning, the rash is gone! It is very soothing to irritated skin and you can even add a little to your coconut oil for an added touch. Bonus: lavender is calming, so using it right before bedtime may help ease your kids into a peaceful sleep!

Aloe: We have all heard of using aloe for sunburns but did you know that it could be used for so much more! Bites, stings, and rashes all respond great to aloe. A bonus with aloe is you can grow it yourself. Fear not those who have a black thumb ::raises hand:: you literally cannot kill it! In fact, one small potted aloe plant will soon be over running you! It is really that easy to grow!

Baking soda: I know this one may sound a little harsh, but really its not! I use it daily to wash my face, soak in the tub, and to quickly heal diaper rash! For my face, I just make a paste with a little water, rub on, and then rinse away. I began doing this when I ran out of my face wash but soon fell in love and haven’t turned back! It also adds a smooth, silkiness to a hot bath after a long day! Just add ½ – 1 cup depending on tub size and soak! Not only will it make you skin smooth, but it will also take out impurities! Along that same thought, it does wonders for diaper rash. Just add a little to the bath water and let the baby play. It will sooth the skin and will take out all the junk that is irritating the skin. It is best to let the bottom air dry as much as possible, and who doesn’t love seeing a cute, little hinny crawling around!


Magnesium baths: Epsom salt baths are another great soaking tool! The magnesium will pull toxins out of the skin without depleting the skins natural healing properties. It will leave the skin feeling soft and refreshed! Add a little of your favorite essential oil (like lavender!) and it will be even more soothing and healing!  Epsom salt can be found in any pharmacy or medical area of any store, and it’s cheap! Just add 1 cup or so to hot bath (as hot as you can stand for your own bath but what is a safe temperature for your littles skin) and let dissolve!

Sunscreen: Although this is not exactly a “remedy”, I felt it was important to mention. I’m sure none of us let our kids go out in the sun unprotected for hours, but have you given much thought to what you are applying. It wasn’t until I had kids of my own that I realized all sunscreen is not created equal. Most brands are full of toxic chemicals that will block the sun but also damage the skin in other ways at the same time. There are lots of brands that are healthier options. You just need to do a little research to see which ones are lowest in chemicals. There are also several easy homemade recipes that include items listed above and other easy to obtain ingredients. Also, to be mentioned, sunscreen DOES expire! If you use it after the expiration date, the protectiveness is diminished and can actually help the skin to burn more easily.


Our skin is the largest organ of the body. We need to take care of it early on so it will still look and be healthy later on. Using these simple, easy-to-find remedies, you can help keep yours and your family’s skin stay healthy and beautiful!

Disclaimer: This post is 100% my personal opinion based on my personal research.  I am not a medical doctor. However, I confidently stand by my beliefs and opinions, and I hope that this post will encourage you to do your own research on the topic. When in doubt, please always consult a pediatrician. Read all previous Mommy Doctor posts right here.

Lisa is a 29-year-old Baton Rouge area native. After high school, she applied for and auditioned with New York University’s Theatre Education program. Before she heard if she was accepted, she met the man of her dreams and never opened the letter from NYU! She instead remained close to home and attended LSU. In 2007 she married Daniel, a fire fighter. In 2010 she gave birth to their daughter Ava Elise, and then in 2013, she gave birth to their second daughter, Emmeline Margaret. They have suffered the loss of five pregnancies, which has helped shape their goals and ideas as parents. Lisa’s favorite thing to do is spend time with her family any chance she can. She practices gentle parenting and natural living. Her hobbies include cooking and decorating for any holiday. You will often find her and her family at festivals, parades, and any event with a good Swamp Pop band playing. She is an active member of the Diocese of Baton Rouge Catholic Engaged Encounter community, which holds retreats for engaged couples to help them be better prepared for marriage. More than anything, Lisa loves to laugh and smile and give glory to God.


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